Lisa Bate

Welcome to my home page

Hi my name is Lisa, I live in Wellington New Zealand with my husband Andrew and children Rachel and Megan. When I am not busy being a mum, I have spent some time putting together family history . My family have come from Isle of Man, Orkney Islands, Scotland, Wales, Cambridge, Cheshire, to name just a few. I have also started a one name study on the name Cannell as I am descended from three different branches of the Cannell Family.

I am also studing at Victoria University doing a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. I am learning how to make web sites as I go, so excuse me if this seems a mess at times and if my links are a bit strange. I like to talk to people so feel free to contact me on


Tracing your own genealogy can be a challenging and interesting but time consuming job. I have been compiling my family tree for about ten years. It helps bring history to life.

I hope you enjoy looking through my tree and if you find any links please let me know. Unfortunately there are bad people out there who use the details of the living for corrupt purposes, I have therefore withheld all of the details of the living. If I have accidently withheld any details of some recently deceased, my apologies.

Putting your own genealogy onto the web isn't expensive or that difficult. The nice people at Geocities provided me with a free web page. Have a look at the Genealogy Page Creation Tutorial. I personally use Family Tree Maker. To change the format to HTML I used GED2HTML. I then cleaned out all the living individuals with GEDClean. I am happy to help with any questions you have about putting your own tree on the web.

Bate Family Tree - Names include Bridson, Bate, Cannell, Coombes, Fensome, Hough, Quine, Robertson.

Cannell One Name Study - includes details of Cannells and their spouses. Please let me know if you have details of other Cannells, I would like to include them.

Thank you for visiting my home page brought to you by the nice people at GeoCities.If you would like more information or have any comments, please contact