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Welcome to Savannah's Light. This page is dedicated to my daughter, Savannah, and all the children around the world affected with neurological disorders. My experience of being given this extraordinary gift from God has had its times. I feel compelled to tell you Savannah's story and the dark time I experienced in the beginning; and how through the love for Savannah has brought me into the light, and understanding a child with special needs. I hope my little angel (Savannah) can bring you some comfort as well. Remember God never gives us more than we can handle, please come in and meet my daughter Savannah, and her friends they are extraordinary children and the wind beneath our wings.
With every moment we share
Every smile, Every touch
I become more certain that in you
I've found something I've looked for
for a long time..........
I don't know what the future holds
but I do know how much your life completes me
And how happy I feel being your mom
And for now....Thats more than
You are the wind beneath my wings
Savannah At Age 1
Savannah November 2000
Savannah at Age 3
Savannah at Age 4
Savannah at Age 5
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I would like to dedicate this page to my parents, sisters, and my dear friends, Jen, Lori, Kandi, and Shawna. Without these people I might have gone insane.
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All of this music was written and composed by Tommy Williams III the, Dreamsharer. Our thanks, and love to him.
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