"My Interests"

Besides my sweet adorable
Miniature Pinscher, who's name is Sasha!

I loved my daughter's Choc. Lab, who's name was Bear.

(Bear died March 5, 2005. at 9 yrs old)
A couple weeks ago,
Remmi, a yellow lab puppy, came to live with them,
and he's a cutie!

Also Jasmin, my Grand-cat! and her little buddy, Chip!

Here is my niece's beautiful Katie!

My latest addition is my second Grand-dog,
a precious Miniature Daschund, Mocha!

My Family and Friends, My Church, Oil Painting, The Medical Field,
Animals in general, Flowers, Computers,
Sunrises, Sunsets, and The Seasons of the Year,

Spring__ with all the color in the flowers

when they bloom, and the

flowering fruit trees look so pretty!

Summer__ with all the summer activities
and the warmth of the sun, and even on
a summer night with a thunder storm

and lightning, it
can be an exciting season!

Autumn__ being my Favorite, because of the
leaves on the trees changing
into all the beautiful colors,
and the weather is just about perfect!

Winter__ can be
beautiful too with all the snow, and
even in an Ice Storm, the trees
can be spectacular!

The Desert__ is a very special place,
with all the different animals you can see,
like the coyotes, tarantulas, scorpions, rabbits, all of
which won't bother you, if you don't
bother them. All the cacti growing there,
and flowering in spring
makes for a very special place also!

There is so much to each new day
to enjoy, and so many things to do,
"Every new day offers many gifts! Untie the ribbons!"

Here are some of my favorite websites,
I hope you enjoy them

"Financial Answers"

_Strategic Wealth Advisors_
LLC a Registered Investment Advisor
providing Fee-Only financial advice,
and wealth management services in Scottsdale, AZ.

Jim Schwartz, CFP�, CDFA�
LLC a Registered Investment Advisor
Strategic Wealth Advisors, LLC
9699 N Hayden Road, #108-214
Scottsdale, AZ 85258
Phone: (480) 998-1798 ext. 3
Fax: (480) 522-1798
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"Helpful Websites"

"Gadget Repair"

"Gadget Repair is a family-owned
and operated business located in Chandler, Arizona.
Our vision for Gadget Repair is
to provide competent, reasonably-priced
diagnostics and repair services
for a growing list of MP3 players,
handheld gaming units, smart phones,
and other sophisticated hand-held gadgets."

Gadget Repair
P.O. Box 13203
Chandler, AZ 85248
Phone: (480)307-2325
Fax: (888)307-1002

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