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Marguerite's Castle: The Drawbridge

My Castle, from Sophie
Hi I'm Marguerite.
This is my virtual castle.
I know this page isn't very much yet. But I'm working on it. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to email me


Ack! The Attic grew too big for Geocities, so I've started up another page which holds all the newly posted things. Anyway, enjoy!

I also updated this page using Front Page.  Hence the new background, etc.

Check out my writing in the Desk
The Kitchen, this isn't much yet. Another one of Sophie's suggestions.
The Library
The Classroom , educational links
The Courtyard, fun links
The Mailbox, where you can drop me a line
The Laboratory , where you can find a recipe of the day and the number of days before the Y2K bug shows itself!
The Attic . This is full of funny and sweet things that I received from chain letters. Visit it!
And lastly...
A ME page in the Bedroom

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pictures courtesy of Annie's Place

I have a new page! It's for walkthroughs of games such as the Kings Quest series, and Lighthouse. Coming soon is the Monkey Island series.

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