Princess Heidi
I am the heat on your sunny day. 
I am the wind in your fiercest storm. 
I am the joy in your hearty laugh. 
I am the sorrow in your despondent cry. 
I am the life of your party.
I am the still in your silence. 
I am the water to quench your insatiable thirst. 
I am the passion in your forbidden dreams.
I've strolled the Champs Elysee in Paris.  I've been to the "Top of the World" in the NYC World Trade Center before it went down.  I've toured the Forbidden City in Beijing.  I've been a "Hollywood movie star" to Chinese tourists along the Yangtze River in Shanghai. I've sat at a long wooden table and chugged mugs of hefeweizen at the Hof Brau Haus in Munich.  I've traced the historical steps of the Freedom Trail in Boston.  I've slept at the Grand Hyatt in Taipei.  I've feasted on chili crab in Singapore.  I've been to a taping of the "Jenny Jones Show" in Chicago.  I've eaten Korean BBQ in Seoul.  I've done 6th Street in Austin.  I've pub-crawled through historic, downtown Ottawa.  I've managed to transform a business trip to Dallas into a free weekend in Cancun.  I've partied hard in Las Vegas.  I've partied harder in New Orleans.  I've sunburned in Arizona.  And Hawaii.  I've flown through Narita airport time and time again.   I've visited family in Switzerland and watched the babies grow.  And I've managed to do all of this for free. 

I love to travel.  Potential destinations in the future include India and Israel.  Definite destinations include NYC and Boston again. (Oh, how I miss my love, NYC!)  And my most exciting journey....In July 2003 , I leave for a one-month adventure in Zimbabwe!
People come and people go.  Family is forever.  Real friends are family.  What I have now is forever.
Rick Steves
Lonely Planet
My trip to Zimbabwe