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Well, it is my page isn't it? *s*
Hmmm...where to start?  First off, Koni is my real name, pronounced Connie. Thanks Mom and Dad! :)  My nickname ClassicKoni was given to me by My Buddy EWOK, one of the first people I met on the net.  Thanks EWOK! :)  I am a 36 year old wife and mom.  I was born and raised here in Phoenix, Arizona.  I am a shipping clerk for a company that manufactures and distributes Halloween merchandise.  I have been with the company since 1981. Things that make me smile are thunderstorms, campfires, and rock music. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, gardening, camping, hunting, fishing, and chatting with my friends on the net.

Ok, this part is going to change a bit for those of you who know my site well.  I have to announce the birth of my FIRST Grandbaby, Cody Jacob Masters-Bradfield!  Warning, his page is Full of Pictures!  *LOL*

I have met many great friends on the net, and you my lucky reader are going to get see the list! :)  EWOK, Dayge, K@y, Bird, Kansan,   Kathy, Arc Harvester,   Mecca,  Pete, Mike, Jim, Tracer, HADOne, Forever, Kingman, Ron, Matt, Rick, and Trifecta. I don't see some of you as often as I would like, but it is always great to see you when we do manage to get together. :)


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 Peaches,  We have almost 30 years of friendship behind us, we have shared each others joys and tears.  Ours is a very special friendship, that most people never get a chance to experience.    Love ya bunches!!!
EWOK, Kay, Bird, and Kathy ,although our years as friends don't come close to 30, I want you four to know how much I value, respect, and cherish the friendships we have made.  Thanks for everything!!
 Arc, I am including you to my "SPECIAL FRIENDS" list whether you want me to or not! :)  Thanks so much for all your support, and I know, I owe you buckets of green chili! :)


My Friends Pages
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My Favorite Links
A great free program to chat in real time and meet people!
Another great free program for quick instant messaging, file transfers, and chat!!
 Internet Card Central
This is a great site full of links to virtual flowers, cards, and just about anything else you might want to send someone!!
 sites that do stuff
A fun place to visit if you're bored.
 Date and Time Gateway
Find the current time anywhere in the world.
 Michael's Home Turf
A great place to get .wav files.
   John's John!
A really cute & funny site.  If your name is John, you've got to see it!
I am saddened to say that John recently passed away.  His family is keeping his site up in his memory.
  PBS Online
It kinda speaks for itself. :)
  Wall O' Links
Tons of links, way cool site.
    The National Rifle Association of America Homepage
NRA Online
 Time Capsule
Explore events from the past.
  Lyrics HQ Search
A cool place to find lyrics.
 Keith Moore's Savvy Science Page
My Daughters 6th grade Teacher's page.  A great place for kids!



An Entertainer Dedicated to "Having Fun" at Your Expense!

'Father  Guido' 'Harpo  Marx' 'Church Lady' 'Court Jester'
Customize your next event with the mutiple personalities of Nick Tarr.
More Characters Available!
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P.O. Box 37665  Phoenix, AZ  85069


Arizona Links
It's not all dust and tumbleweeds. :), Arizona's News, Weather, Sports & More
 Arizona Central
 *Arizona Highways Online*
  Arizona Game & Fish Department Home Page
 Silly AZ Stuff


  **~Mystiqual's~ Animated Icon Library**
One of the BEST sites I have seen for animated icons.
 The Animation Factory
 2Cool Animations
 Animation Library
 Midi File Central
 Midi Haven
  My Bookmarks
Access your bookmarks-anytime, anywhere.

Changes will be made as I learn new things, so please stop back again sometime soon.  Take care and keep smiling!!

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