Ken Rockwell, Map Librarian at the University of Utah, the obtaining of which position has allowed me to pursue an avocation of genealogy by use of the LDS Family History Library nearby.

I began this website chiefly to launch a site related to the Lumm or Lum family, one of my most obscure surnames. That project is occupying most of my time at present, but I will also include here links to genealogically-valuable sites which I have found useful as regards my various lines.

My ancestry includes a heavy concentration of New England Yankees dating back to the Puritans and post-Mayflower Pilgrims. There were also several lines out of the Middle Atlantic states, including Virginia and Maryland, a few Dutch and German lines in New York, and a stray Quaker clan in New Jersey.

Lines I'm working on that have some real puzzles about them:

  • The aforementioned Lumm family of Virginia and the Midwest (Patriarch Jesse Lumm came from Loudoun County, VA, but b. 1764 in North Carolina);
  • The Shearers of Essex County, NY (Patriarch William Shearer came from Dutchess and Stillwater counties, NY);
  • The Greeley and Ross families of Maine, in particular the family of Thomas Greeley (d. 1760)and Alice Ross, who became a Portland legend as the widow Greely, tavernkeeper and hostess to the county government after the British burned old Falmouth down in 1775;
  • The Smiths of Stoughton, Massachusetts (the question is where their patriarch Joseph came from); and
  • The Coburns of Meridan, CT (where did their patriarch James come from prior to his appearance there in the mid-18th century?);
  • The Fowlers of New Jersey and Maryland (part of the aforementioned Quaker clan. Where did patriarch Benjamin come from? I think I know, but need more documentation.)

Links to sites on various surnames and places: