It has been a very long time since we worked on our website. So many things have changed. Shauna is growing and turning into a fine little lady. Our home life has changed in many ways. We recently relocated to my hometown, which is an hour away from Shauna's hometown. Our hopes and goals are to return to Oshawa in 2 years. Please keep us in your thoughts on that one!

Shauna, who is now 4 1/2, has not been registered for school. We have opted to continue as we have been since she was born, and HOMESCHOOL! I know many shudder at the aspect of it, but if only more people more openminded, and could get past the stereotypes....As with every other choice we have made as a family, that is not the norm, we continue to do what we feel is best for our little family. This past year has been full of many ups and downs for us. But we have survivied. We have followed our lives paths, and are better for that. Only one way to go from here, and that is up! We'd love for you to join us on our ride! For those of you who, as of yet, do not know who The Canadian Crowes are...We are Tina (mommy), Gord (daddy) and Shauna (daughter).

Gord and I met the summer of 1990. We married June 8, 1996. Shauna was born October 29, 1998. We are previously from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. But, we now live in "small town" Ontario. It sure is nice showing Shauna all the places that are from my childhood. Please take the time to look around our site. You never know what you may find. Our hopes are that you will learn more about our family, and learn something new about our interests and life choices! The links to our individual pages may contain links to other things such as parenting, child friendly educational sites, homeschooling, and more!

We hope that you enjoy your visit. And please, come back again soon!!!!

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