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This site has been online since December of 1998. We got started with our own website by using the book Sam's Teach Yourself HTML 4 in 24 Hours. And the results have been great!

Not only did we start this web site, we have also developed one on another hosting site, and are currently creating a website for our children's school (it's a really large, complex one compared to this site!)

We hope you will find our Family Site to be one you would like to come back and visit often. We continue to update it as we find more new and interesting things to add to it.

Be sure to check out the recently updated Recipe page, as I had to make some corrections there. Also, be sure to check out our Favorite Web Sites listed below, as I have added several more to the list. I also updated the "All About Us" page, since a lot has changed in our lives over the past year.

My oldest brother decided to start his own web site. To get to his site, just click on this button.

We received this award in March of 1999.
It was very gratifying to have our hard work recognized by our Community Leader!
Thanks, Geocities!

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Fenton Glass Centerscore Games
The Discovery Channel Nascar OnlineOnline
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Longaberger Cool Archive Online
THE site for free graphics! Chicago's 890 WLS Radio
Clip Art The Official Rush Limbaugh Site
The Free Site
Edmunds Car Info
Blue Mountain Arts
Illinois Parks and Tourism

High School Alumni - Keeping People Together For Years To Come
This site is an absolute must!!!!
If you ever wondered about anybody that you graduated with, or just went to school with, go here.

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