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It was the Vermilion Valley much of which belonged to the Provost family long before it was New Iberia, and from this heritage the Darby family of New Iberia has laid claim to this unique landscape. For nearly two and three quarter centuries the Darby family continues to have ties New Iberia, Louisiana.

The community of New Iberia was established as an outpost for Spanish immigrants during Spanish rule of the Louisiana territory. The second Commandant of the New Iberia outpost was Jean Baptiste St. Marc Darby. We dedicate this page to this honored soul that provides us with our English, French and Acadian ancestry.

Louisiana National Register

Reprinted from Glenn Conrad's New Iberia, pg. 78.

According to Glen Conrad, the building date for the home was the early 1780's for the Spanish Commandant of New Iberia Jean Baptiste Darby.

Ruth (Darby) & Matt Erickson with grandsons Damon & David ca 1957

Jean Baptiste St. Marc Darby was the son of Jonathan Darby and Marie Corbin de Bachemin of New Orleans. His grandparents were Parson Jonathan Darby and Ann Segre/Segar of East Sussex, England.

Jonathan Darby, son of Jonathan Darby and Ann Segre arrived in Louisiana aboard the St. Louis, from La Rochelle commanded by M. Du Coulom-Bier, on March 21, 1719. He was listed as a Clerk on the St. Louis' passenger roster. He is listed in several records as a Military Officer and he owned land in or near New Orleans, giving parcels on Royal Street to his daughter.

Jean Baptiste St. Marc D'Arby was a Military Officer and received a commission as the second commandant of the New Iberia Outpost in September 1787 replacing Nicolas Forstall. Commandant D'Arby reported to Governor Miro in Cuba under the direction of the Spanish Crown. The communications between Commandant Darby requesting aid for the Maleguenos (the Spanish settlers emigrated to this wilderness with the assistance of Don Francisco Bouligny on behalf of the Spanish crown at the direction of Governor Bernardo de Galvez) and the Acadian settlers of New Iberia can be found in the Darby Papers or Cuba Papers microfilmed at the Center for Louisiana Studies of the University of Southwestern Louisiana. Based on the research of Glen R. Conrad in New Iberia it appears Commandant Darby did much to relax the restraints that were placed on the Spanish immigrants. While he accomplished much in acquiring relief and gaining support for local governing of the people of New Iberia, his untimely death, July 14, 1795,...could not turn around what appeared to be a failed attempt by the Spaniards to settle the area of "Little False Point" known as New Iberia. (Conrad, New Iberia, p.13)

Jean Baptiste St. Marc D'Arby was a leader, a humanitarian and American Patriot. Jean Baptiste St. Marc D'Arby, Commander of the New Iberia outpost, served under General Galvez during the American Revolution. According to Doug Darby, the Commandant was "involved in campaigns against British forces in the siege of Ft. Baton Rouge and in Florida. His Brother Pierre Jonathan, may have also served. The Daughter's of the American Revolution have members that are descendants of Jean Baptiste St. Marc D'Arby.


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