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Special Announcements!


    The pumpkins arrived as expected last Sunday and now we are in need of people to help us sell. PLEASE call the church office (341-0766) or Amzi Gregory (341-7043) if you can help. Remember, proceeds help Habitat for Humanity and our own youth groups.


  • Parents who play have the most fun!!!

    Southern Hills CDC is hosting a parenting seminar, The Serious Scoop about Play: Lessons from the Sandbox featuring Dr. Lisa Marotta. The workshop is planned for October 9, from 7-8 p.m., in the Parlor. Dr. Marotta will encourage us to find ways to use play and humor to connect with our children and have fun in the process. Please call the CDC office (341-0100) to make your reservations. There is no charge, but we need to know who's coming so we can make childcare arrangements.



    The fall retreat for men of SHCC is scheduled at Roman Nose State Park November 10-12. A dynamic Disciples' Minister has been secured to lead our study sessions. The retreat will feature gourmet delicacies by Dodd & Rust. For a great weekend of fun, fellowship, and spiritual enlightenment, mark your calendar and join us at Roman Nose. Registrations are available in the church office.

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Got questions? Gary's got answers. Email or phone in a question for Gary and find your answer posted here! New answers posted monthly.

Question: What exactly is meant by the unbelieving husband being made holy through his (believing) wife? Does this mean that eventually the unbelieving spouse will come to believe by the example of the believing spouse? Or are they automatically sanctified when the believing spouse is saved?

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Are you a teacher of one of our childrens classes?  Thank you!   Have you had a chance to see the Risk Management document?  You can download it here.

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