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Genealogy of Faulkner and Routh Families
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My grandparents - George Washington Faulkner and Molly  Vilette Routh moved to Brown County, Texas shortly after 1860.
This web site has been instrumental in expanding family information for Levin Routh and David Faulkner and their descendants.
A lot of my information was provided by descendanta of both families that contacted me after viewing this web site. Information regarding Hezekiah, Stephen, and Jonathan Routh, sons of Isaac Routh and Mary Blakely were received from their descendants. Three sources provided information for branches of the David Faulkner Family. I contacted the David Milton Folkner family and family members provided information on this branch of the David Faulkner Family. I am in the process of updating all information to this website. My thanks to all of my sources. Please preview this web site and  advise me of any needed additions or corrections.
David Faulkner
Levin Routh
Isaac Routh
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