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   Breeze 53
Personal Information

Name:   Vanessa 
Age : 44( Yes , I'm really that old !!!!!! )
Birthdate:  July 12 th      ( A Cancer )
Location:  North Carolina
Marital Status: Newlywed 

Interests  /  Favorite Things

Favorite Colors:  Baby Blue  and Midnight Blue

Favorite  Movies: Sleepless in Seattle, Love Affair,  Armeggedon 
                      (Romantic movies  are my favorite)

Favorite Music:   Soft Rock  and  New  Country and Carolina Beach music

Favorite Place:  Myrtle Beach .........so far   { would love to travel )

Hi ! It's me, Vanessa or as most of you know me, Breeze53.
You can reach me at Breeze53 @ Yahoo.com
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