My People
Proud to be a
G-d Fearing, English Speaking American
We the People, in order to form a more perfect union...
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We are a culture of many different ethnic backgrounds. Our ancestors fought adversity and did things in the past we may not be proud of, but we are all
Americans - red, white, yellow, black.  Those who came to this country to find freedom had done so with nothing but the clothes on their backs and a yearing to blong to this freeland - this America. They freely took on the English language as their own to become Americans!  G-d bless America! 
Booker T. Washington
Eskimo Woman
Abraham Lincoln
Redhawk Sioux Chief
Thanks to Corbis for all the great Black and White Photos
Lillian Russel
Know your
Mistery Woman - who is this great AMERICAN?
If you have the chance, please read - American Nightingale
by, Bob Welch
Art by Max
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Who is this gentleman and why is he important  to America?
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