The Colorado Foundation for the Homeless , a non-progit organization, is operated entirely by volunteers. The Foundation's mission statement Declares it was created to provide shelter, employment and educational opportunities for all persons and to help prevent homelessness.
You can help the Foundation help the homeless by giving money and support to sustain and expand three primary program objectives:

  • Prevention
    helping to keep people in their homes, especially single women with children and families;

  • Emergency services
    shelter, food, clothing, health care, referral information, transportation to needed services, and short-term financial assistance;

  • Transitional support
    housing assistance, employment training with placement, mental health and social services to help families and special segments of the homeless population.

    The foundation is committed to a goal of helping these persons become self-sufficient. They want to focus on serving those who get lost in the bureaucratic red-tape, those in the rural areas of our state and ex-offenders. This is a unique approach designed to reach those often missed by other programs.
    Your Gift can make a difference in the life of one who is destitute. Charity begins with a home. Once that basic human need is met, these persons can get on with improving the rest of their lives. But without a home, there is no hope. You can help. Please send your gift today.

    Colorado Foundation for the Homeless
    P.O. Box 310
    Golden, Colorado 80402
    (303) 279-2880

    For more information, please direct all e-mail to Jim Sherry at
    or call Jim at (303) 279-2880

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