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1999 Album

Visiting relatives gives Ricardo his first shot at a trampoline ...and the change to get behind the wheel of a "real" car (well, almost) Later, while visiting a nearby airport, Andre longs to get behind the "wheel" of his favourite airplane, a Catalina A dear friend and fellow enthusiast introduces Ricardo to a Beechcraft Duke... ...while his wife introduces Ricardo to the more down-to-earth art of tractor-driving But there's no room for Ricardo when they decide to hop into a vintage Ryan ST monoplane While visiting Bethel one hot summer's evening, Ricardo decides to display his ballet foot positions
On our way back to Wellington, we take time out to cool our feet in the frigid waters of a mountain stream Not being prepared to go bathing, we use the tall fluffy flower of a native toetoe bush to remove the sand from our feet, and it does a marvelous job Pulling out from the stream, we rejoin State Highway 1 on our way home You can get some idea why this section of the highway is called the Desert Road At the town of Bulls we stop for a meal and a break at McDonalds One wonders whether any of Ricardo's meal actually made it to his stomach Very helpful with the housework, our Ricardo... ...even when it comes to wiping down after having a bath
On a visit to Wellington Zoo, we met Mr Otter... ...some hungry pelicans... ...a couple of Malayan bears... ...a peacock, and many many other animals besides Back home, Ricardo gets some pram driving lessons but scores poor marks due to ignoring traffic signals But in due time he's flying solo... ...and winging his way towards freedom One warm summer evening we take a drive to Makara beach on the west coast (20 minutes away)...
...and enjoy a meal of fish and chips as the waves crash on the shore and the sun goes down on the horizon FEBRUARY
Ricardo seems to prefer being driven in his little trolley over driving it himself But there's no stopping taking over the wheel of our car While hosting a travelling overseer and his wife, two pioneer sisters visited one morning and cooked us breakfast Ricardo discovers self-propulsion Ricardo's favourite perch when waving goodbye to Papa as he leaves for work Cleve, a Jamaican brother in our congregation, shares a reading moment with Ricardo
Just another happy photo Ricardo sometimes perches on his toybox to read his books Here it looks like he's waiting for a phone call A view from the northernmost part of our territory, looking south Ricardo decides it's time to commandeer my armchair... ...before commandeering our bed A visit to a shopping mall in Levin coincides the performance of the town's swing band Ricardo was especially intrigued with the xylophone player
Ricardo meets some famous ducks in a Levin park Once on a swing, he points the way to go He becomes a swinger soon enough With Dad's help, Ricardo tackles the slide A view from the top Getting in some walking training A beautiful sunset on Waitarere Beach
Visiting Nana and trying out some colour pencils Ricardo meets an acquaintance at Levin Kingdom Hall. They were born in the same hospital within a few days of each other Trying out a chair outside Nana's place We stop in at a small village museum on our way back to Wellington While at the museum, Ricardo travels down Memory Lane behind the wheel of an old fire engine Being an avid Thomas the Tank Engine fan, Ricardo can't go past a working railroad diorama Once back home, it's into a traditional Kiwi feast of fish and chips Oma visits regularly and together they share a story
Ricardo and cousin Mikaela share lunchtime toast together Ricardo with one of his favourite books, Lesley Anne Ivory's Cats in the Sun Ricardo at the lounge window A recent bathtime shot, taken before the camera lens is totally steamed up Ricardo tries on Papa's shoes for size When Ricardo discovers our quilt on the floor, he quickly claims it as his! Wandering down our neighbour's driveway...
...and wandering back up again, this time frantically waving goodbye with both arms This time he comes back with a watering-can With friends visiting "The Beehive" - New Zealand's government headquarters Our friends with one of Wellington's tourist attractions .. the Cable Car Meanwhile, Ricardo tries out a tractor on Lambton Quay André conducts his first wedding ceremony as the congregation's recently appointed marriage celebrant At the dessert afterwards, Ricardo tries out another guest's selection, preferring it over his own Back at home, Ricardo enjoys a relaxing moment with a good friend
Brigitte and Ricardo at one of the slides at a playground near our home Ricardo is not shy about giving Jemima a hug for the camera. (Jemima used to be Brigitte's doll.) I work for a sign company. This is a sample of the variety of work we do. When I am not out in the ministry, this is where I work. While visiting the grandparents, Ricardo decides to load Poppa up with toys. Ricardo and his beloved trike... ...which he loves to ride inside and out.
As Ricardo loves to brush his teeth, this is a regular perch. At nearby Aotea Lagoon is New Zealand's longest miniature railway. As the little train chugged away, we patiently awaited our turn... ...and before long, our patience was rewarded. All aboard! As we chuffed along, this was our view to the rear... ...our view out to the side over the lagoon... ...and our view towards the front as we approach a tunnel. A parting shot of the replica diesel locomotive as it prepares to take its next load of passengers.
Here you see a couple of pioneers working in our territory, with the harbour as a backdrop. And on another day we are working along with a family. Their house is opposite (left). SEPTEMBER
At Petone beach playground one sunny afternoon after witnessing. Ricardo enjoyed getting into the swing of things... ...but needed a little assistance going down the slide. Looking across the harbour towards Somes Island. Looking west along Petone beach.
Looking out towards the harbour once again, who is that down on the beach? Papa comes down and joins Ricardo as he watches the waves gently lap the shore. One evening we enjoyed a hat variation on the musical chairs concept with friends. Ricardo wasn't happy about being caught on camera after having half-emptied the talcum powder bottle... ...and seemed equally camera-shy when helping me bring in the last of the firewood. Sometimes Ricardo just can't resist making himself at home in our bed. "God's Prophetic Word" District Convention at Manawatu Sports Stadium, Palmerston North A view of the stage just prior to the start of the afternoon session.
A view of the drama from the other side of the stage. Ricardo discovered the drawers at our motel room were big enough for him to climb into. I can't remember why Ricardo was trotting around the front yard in his dressing gown and slippers while carrying an empty milk carton. Yet another shot of one of Ricardo's favourite pastimes: reading. Ricardo was given Gopher and Cookie Monster together, and that is how he often picks them up. Ricardo's favourite perch in our bedroom. Our little rented two-bedroom house and garden. The house is circa 1930's. OCTOBER
Ricardo likes to ride his trike on the smooth asphalt drive belonging to the neighbour who lives behind us. The day before Wellington's Tulip Festival we went to the Botanic Gardens and were treated to a stunning display of tulips in bloom. At this point Papa was lagging behind, so Ricardo decided to come and get me. Happiness is a trike ride in the sunshine... ...and a warm bath in the evening with one's favourite bath toys. Ricardo discovered that he has some growing to do before he can fit into Papa's size 10 shoes. Waiting in his best meeting clothes, Ricardo clutches his favourite video story. At the wheel of our car, Ricardo is telling his cousin Mikaela about the perils of modern motoring.
On a visit to Masterton one weekend, a brother who flies a topdresser (cropduster) for a living is here seen taxiing out in his Skyfarmer. The Skyfarmer is put through its paces immediately after takeoff... ...and is caught on camera just as the pilot begins to shut down the engine shortly after landing. The next day we visit a nearby lake within the town. Ricardo thinks it is a great place to rest up a bit and pauses just long enough for me to take a photo. Later on Papa takes him for a wheelbarrow ride... ...and Ricardo returns the favour ... or at least, tries to. (Lose some weight, Papa!) A view of the Rimutaka highway from the summit as we head home...
...and the view continues as our eyes follow the ribbon of highway as it winds its way down towards our destination. Back home, and I am out witnessing again, occasionally taking photos of our scenic territory. Further to the left, and our view takes in the harbour. Down the road, and I meet up with two of our brothers... ...one of whom would rather be the one taking the photos, and so he does. Finally, a photo to show that a window pane will not prevent a kiss goodbye (but what a mess it leaves)! NOVEMBER
One windy Wellington day I took Ricardo up to a sportsground to watch some kite-flying
As you can see, Ricardo is really enjoying himself This spinning circular kite sure got Ricardo's attention Ricardo sure knows how to make a bed look cosy A view of the indigenous Britten motorcycle on display at the Museum of New Zealand, Wellington Enjoying a coffee at the museum with friends visiting from Patterson, NY Farewelling our New York visitors as they depart for the South Island Another reading moment together Out in the ministry with Oma, Upper Hutt
Ricardo and his Duplo DECEMBER
Lunchtime at our circuit assembly, Ricardo looks dapper as he strolls towards the camera Our circuit overseer and his wife during their lunchtime stroll at the assembly Lunch with the friends outside the rented hall where our assembly is held Ricardo looking thoughtful as he gazes down at the creek below Another shot of Ricardo on this quaint little bridge Back in Johnsonville, and a happy moment in a favourite playground
Ricardo slides towards the camera Back at the museum, Ricardo gets to ride a crocodile... ...and play with an enormous pile of Duplo blocks A couple of missionary friends from Tonga pay a visit on their way through Wellington Friends and fellow former Bethelites come to stay With our friends at the Brooklyn wind turbine, Wellington Looking northeast over Wellington from the Brooklyn wind turbine Looking east over Wellington from the Brooklyn wind turbine
Looking southeast over Wellington from the Brooklyn wind turbine At the Botanic Gardens, Ricardo walks along in Papa's sweater And at home, Ricardo tries out the grownups potty for size Picnicking at Masterton on our way to Hawkes Bay for our vacation Another picnic shot The bridge to Masterton's miniature railway The train at Masterton's miniature railway Our family on the train at Masterton's miniature railway
Ricardo commandeers a tractor at our next toilet stop A passing steam train captures our attention in Napier Dolphins at Napier's Marine Parade Leaping dolphin at Napier's Marine Parade A nice shot of dolphins leaping in unison Feeding the seals and that's it for 1999!

1998 Album

is born
Ricardo is ready to leave the hospital Ricardo arrives home from the hospital still asleep Being weighed by the midwife Sharing a Bible story together Asleep in his bassinet, a gift from a family in Texas Snatching a quick nap with Daddy Proudly displaying his name, an embroidered gift from a sister in the USA
Looking satisfied after a feed Wishing his own bed was this big Enjoying another Bible story Learning to enjoy his bath Trying out Daddy's chair Not quite ready for e-mail yet Wishing he was wearing his blue bunnies A bedtime smile for the camera
A very handsome little man Looking like a little "Egyptian" after he's had his bath No guesses for who's peeking FEBRUARY
Looking his best in blue With his rubber ducky . . . . . . and a bathtime laugh Feeling like a teapot with this hat
Ricardo waits for the punchline . . . . . . and thinks it's hilarious Looks like we're going places Arriving home after a walk down the road All dressed up and ready to grow Catching an after-meeting snooze Outgrowing the nappy table Ricardo's pram is leading the field . . .
. . . the field ministry, that is Back in his Texan bassinet Showing a cheeky little smile Posing in a very green outfit . . . . . . and enjoying the moment APRIL
Ricardo wants to be the page turner Tiring stuff, this baby business
One of our favourite photos Bedtime is fun with Dad around Out in the field on a beautiful day Working on descriptive gestures Any place can be a fun place . . . . . . even when it's bedtime Could this be meditation? The new kid on the "block"
Ricardo likes flying, just like his Dad Now, this hat has style! Ricardo just couldn't be happier Ricardo's usual camera stare, before he realised he was supposed to smile at it Not too young to be reaching out With Buzz-a-Bumble, a favoured companion First Ricardo gets shown what to do . . . . . . then he wants to have a turn
Laughter is the best medicine Am as I as tall as you yet, Daddy? Ricardo's early attempts at a stand-up routine Look! No hands!? (they're hidden) Ricardo is getting the hang of this . . . . . . but now it's time to rest his little legs . . . in fact, he needed a snooze
Going for a stroll at Percy's Reserve, Hutt Valley Ricardo would rather be feeding the ducks Pass the bread, please Back home, and having a taste of antenna Ricardo's music practice continues JULY
About to try "baby food" And he seems to like it
Wasn't Moses in a basket too? His bib sure sums things up This water is just so ... splashable! Bathtimes sure can be fun times Ricardo doesn't think this bed is too big for him And the recliner seems to meet his approval This couch is more comfortable And this chair isn't bad either
But he decides his own seat is best for napping Ricardo joins Daddy in his former Bethel office A snooze after visiting Bethel AUGUST
A play at Opa's house ... before we head home again His first solo. Any requests? One of his favourite bathtime pleasures...
...is making a big splash Afterwards he is adorned toga style Toot! Toot! Love this bib! Reaching for Mummy's cup of tea Hey ... there's no dial tone! But these worries don't last And now for that cosy, dressing-gown look As you can tell, it makes him feel right at home
No, he doesn't disco in his sleep Witnessing in our hilly terrain Prams are not always practical Can you see my little teeth? What if I screw up my face? SEPTEMBER
Ricardo's last bath in our Newlands home First "driving lesson" before we move house
Trying the "jolly jumper" in our Johnsonville home At Pizza Hut with a chip in the hand ... ... which soon finds itself spread over the face With Dad in our front yard Ah, a bed to really stretch out in Enjoying our first motel stay as a family during our district convention Circuit overseer speaking at our district convention Baptism talk at district convention with baptism candidates standnig
Flying high with Uncle Paul And a cuddle from little cousin Mikaela Overseeing his bath preparation Out in the witnessing work A group of friends rounding the corner in the field ministry Visiting the Botanic Gardens Getting into the swing of things... ... with a little help from Mum
This garden sure is a fun place... ...but it's time for a rest now Heading home via the scenic bays route NOVEMBER
Another cheeky bathtime photo Brushing one's teeth is normally done in the bathroom... ...but wherever they're brushed, they're ready to show With Mum in front of the piano
With Dad in front of the piano SPECIAL - Ricardo's begins crawling properly ("the first-crawl work") in this photo Our first experience at a Japanese style barbecue restaurant It's the first time I've been at a restaurant where the food is literally THROWN at you... ...and I missed, as you can tell by the rice all over my trousers. On a picnic with some dear friends of ours visiting from Patterson, NY Ricardo seems to be distracted by the visitors... ...and before long he's off to make an inspection
But it seems that the inspector is not welcome once his intentions become known So Inspector Ricardo makes his way back to the picnic party And we all pose for a family photo Our friends return the favour outside Wellington's national museum A water fountain in Wellington Harbour as viewed from Oriental Parade Our friends pose for us one more time as we look towards Oriental Parade Our visitor enjoys a reading moment with Ricardo On a Kingdom Hall working bee, Mum fixes curtains while Ricardo unravels the microphone leads
And afterwards it's time for some refreshments That evening the congregation enjoys some entertainment... ...and dancing... ...and singing of Kingdom songs Ricardo shows he's really mastered the art of crawling at high speed Another day at the Kingdom Hall working bee. Ricardo's literally on Dad's back over this job This shot gives you an idea of the natural bush backdrop at our Kingdom Hall Looking towards our Kingdom Hall's upper carpark area
On another day we decide to do some work around the house And first to have a haircut is the hedge Ricardo discovers that yoghurt has face-plastering qualities DECEMBER
Ricardo and cousin Mikaela share an armchair There's no denying this is a happy face Ricardo helps Dad with the housework Finally, the day for our Kingdom Hall dedication arrives
Our newly dedicated Kingdom Hall Another view of our Kingdom Hall, looking towards the lower carpark area Ricardo with his Bible Stories book, still one of his favourites Ricardo, helpful as ever, assists a friend as he disassembles a coffee table While on our summer vacation, Ricardo ventures into a swimming pool for the first time While a little hesitant at first, Ricardo decides it's a fun place to be This building looks like it's scowling, don't you think? and that's
it for 1998!

1997 Album

Andre and Brigitte with friends, Auckland city skyline Andre being given the thumbs-up to ride a friend's motorbike Andre returns from a ride down the street With friends at an ice cream parlour, Mission Bay, Auckland At Bethel farewelling some dear friends from the USA Andre and Brigitte during an evening's moment of leisure, piano room, Auckland Bethel
Andre and Brigitte in Octagon, Auckland Bethel A very large duck we called "Megaduck," Auckland Bethel Another shot of this charming fellow Brigitte restoring one of our old wooden dining chairs Brigitte cooking cabbage on our last assigned weekend kitchen duty, Auckland Bethel Andre serving up dinner on our last assigned weekend kitchen duty, Auckland Bethel

Included in these shots are our final days at Bethel.

1996 Album

Andre at Hunua Falls, 15 mins drive from Auckland Bethel Andre at closer vantage point to show scale of Hunua Falls Brigitte and a friend in front of cottages, Chelsea Sugar Factory, Auckland Andre getting a REAL close shave, Takapuna, Auckland On our 9th wedding anniversary, with friends, Devonport, Auckland Brigitte watering her flower patch, Bethel, Auckland

Further photos from this roll of film can be viewed at Cornwall Park.


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