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Greetings and welcome to Roger's Home page. I cannot wait for you to check my web site. I hope you enjoy yourself. I have a lot of interesting links for you to check out. It has many good links in an orderly fashion. Just browse and see what you like. For the trekkers out there, I am a member of the Star Trek family. I like the Original Series, Voyager, The Next Generation, and Deep Space Nine. I will let you explore now.

Little Blossom & Letter to Heaven by Dolly Parton and Black Sheep by Foster and Allen are special songs to me.

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I have tried to create a variety of list for everyone to have one or more interesting site to see. Also, check back since I am constantly adding new and interesting links. By the way, I am not responsible for any products sold from the above sites nor any damages or losses or possible damages or losses as a result of a purchase or interfacing with the sites connected to above graphics links. The person browsing my site agrees that I am not liable for any damages. If you do not, please do not click on the the above graphics links.

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