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I finally was able to do it. This is still in the works. I will try to update pictures and freebies often so please keep on checking back. We will be without a computer since our new one is defectie and has to go back to the manufacturer who will in turn send us a new on via UPS ground :-(


  • Matthew



  • CookieRecipe.Com
  • SOAR Search for 1,000s of receipes
  • About.com formerly Miningco.com. A wealth of knowledge and information on everything.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine-The boys favorite
  • eBay.com

    A spider for Ryan

    WANT $10?

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    if you can help me center them on the page please email me. I haven't figured that out yet
  • Matthew at 4 months
  • A family Christmas picture 1998
  • Wonderful Friends early-mid 1999
  • Ryan and a mutant butterfly. The body on it is huge.
  • The boys Fall 1999


    For the March of Dimes

    click on the picture for a LARGER view of the beanie

    ONLY $5 and over $3 goes to the March of Dimes

    They can be mailed to you too. Actual shipping charges not included and would be around $1.50 per beanie or less depending on the number ordered.

    ANOTHER way to support the March of Dimes-

    SPONSOR in their walk for Caitlin's Crew. Please email if you are interested in donating for the walk. It's never to early or to late


    This is for the
    Marinade that I make all of the time
    (and bring to every pot luck dinner). It is sooo easy and tastes delicious.
    Cream Cheese Square (the other thing I bring to pot lucks)

    Enter the forum icon below for what I think are the best of the freebies/ great deals currently available online and off. If you find a great one please post. If you have a problem with a freebie let others know, post a message. Need any freebie advice email me.

  • Please let me know what you think of my new page