Here you will find FREE and Custom graphics with dogs on them. The FREE sets consist of ONE background and ONE blank button.

A custom FULL set has at least NINE backgrounds/wallapers/stationery, all of the premade buttons you need and an icon/divider. Custom sets are $20, made from your photo or photos, in the colors you wish.

Please come back, and tell a friend too! Thanks!!


Poor photos make poor graphics, so send the best photos you have! I can only do so much to make them look good.


If you have a Yahoo or Excite or other web e mail, please use that address for me to send the graphics to. Or at least try! FREE GRAPHICS

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A link back to my page is all I ask of you, for using one of my backgrounds! Please use one of the following banners on your site or just a text link if you wish. Would you also e-mail me and let me see the pages you use them on! Thanks so much!!

All graphics are 1999Tacodog Graphics

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