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2008 links
Christmas 2008
2007 links
Random Photos from 2007
Sandy, Linda & Sue Visit Andrea
New House
2006 links
April Visit to Andrea

2005 links
August Visit to Andrea
February Visit to Andrea

2004 links
PhD Graduation
Moving to Oregon part 2

Moving to Oregon

Defense Day

New Job

Defense Day

Andrea and Em visit Peru

Just Delivered Filly
June Visit to Gainesville
March Visit to Gainesville

2003 links
Photos of Baby Horses
Andrea's Birthday

2002 links
Andrea's New Vic
Deap Sea Fishing
May Visit to Andrea at the Barn
February Visit to Andrea
Andrea New Clothes

2001 links

Andrea Leaves for Swing Camp
Andrea's Birthday
New Colt

2000 links

Colloid Paper Draft
Andrea's Steam Engine
BombedOutCat at FloridaTheatre
Trip to San Francisco
Andrea at Home
Encinada Swing
UF Swing Club
Chemical Oscillations

1999 links
Horse Show
Visit to the Grand Canyon
Leave for Guatemala
1st Photos from Guatemala
2nd Photo Set from Guatemala
Return from Guatemala
Newspaper clipping on Swing
Breakfast with Andrea
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