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These pages are dedicated to
the people and things I love,
and those who love me.
Name: Lysah (LRanger23)
DOB: 8/23/61
Status: Newlywed 9/11/04
Significant Other: Donald Larry Chambers
Pets: Lakota - The Rottrussell - Passed Away 5/8/05, Andy, Rover & 7 Koi
Interests: NY Rangers Hockey - Wolves
Real Estate (mine and other people’s)
The Southwest (Arizona, Nevada, & Utah)
Travel and Storm Chasing
Occupation: Wage Slave - PPI, Inc.
Crystal City Marriott
Washington DC
July of 1998
My 35th Birthday Party
Free Willy - Summer of 98
Chez Ranger
From the Left:
Arthur Graves, Aunt Rita, Mom & Dad
October 1, 1944
An Amazing Story:

Dad had been searching for almost 50 years for his
best friend, best man, and Navy Buddy: Arthur Graves.
I had made several “half-hearted” attempts to find Mr.
Graves through the Department of the Navy, Social
Security and Internet Phone Directories without any
success. One day I decided to try a different approach.
I searched the AOL member directory and came up with
an Arthur Graves in Massachusetts. I crossed my
fingers and toes because Arthur was originally from
Massachusetts. The reply to my email was cautious at
first, stating that his father was a WWII Navy Veteran,
but sending the picture above brought a warm, if a bit
shocked, response. We traded phone numbers and
Dad and Arthur speak regularly. For Thanksgiving 1997,
Dad and I traveled to Massachusetts to visit Mr.
Graves, Dad’s Sister Rose (who lives in the same city)
and Dad’s Brother Danny.
Lysah & Donnie
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