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On October 26, 2009 Yahoo will be removing Geocities from the web. A page I have worked on for 10 years will no longer exist, unless I pay $10 a month. This I can not afford. Change is inevitable, therefore the removal of Geocities from the web after all these years really comes as no surprise to me.

I am now however asking for help from all of you out there. Hopefully by the time this website is removed I will have found a new home on the web and can continue this trek that I have now begun.

I am sure we all know the feeling or have empathy for anyone who has lost a loved one. However, that loss is made worse when that loved one is just "missing". There is no closure available for those suffering the loss. This site was going to be a beginning to help find loved ones that are missing. I chose to begin this site, not for myself, but for my Step-Sons who have not seen or heard from their Mother in almost 5 years. We have done as much searching as our finances will allow. I never thought of reaching out to all of you for help. I am doing this now and asking that any help to find this woman would be greatly appreciated. These children are now growing older and are asking about their Mother, we don't have the finances needed to go and search like we should. I will be placing a photo of her on here with in the next day or so, until then if anyone has any information on the following person, please email me. I will give further details of contact down the page.

Missing Since Approx. 2004
The following photos were taken in 1998, these are the last photos I have of Leigh, the first is of her and her youngest son Dustin, who is now 14 years old.

Leigh (CAT) Hankins Eakins
Born December 17, 1969
Last Known Residents Prescott Arizona

I was finally able to get this photo of Leigh to scan. This is a photo taken of Leigh and Jason Bennett (aka Crow). I hope to locate them both.

Leigh was last known to reside in Prescott Arizona. We have been searching for her and/or information pertaining to her for 3 years. Her Children, Sisters, and other family members are concerned about her whereabouts. If anyone in Prescott has information on Leigh Eakins please contact me at

Joseph Sanders

If you would like to donate to help find Leigh, donations are accepted through PayPal. *Please Note, this is a gift and it is not endorsed by any company, organization, or government. Donations are NOT tax deductible. All donations/gifts will be used to help find Leigh. Donations will be used to help Pay for services available to help find Leigh and/or a travel expense to and from Prescott Arizona. If you would like an update on the search for Leigh Eakins, please note it in your donation or emailed information. I will keep you all posted. Donations through PayPal can be made by following the link below.

Thank You Joseph

If anyone also has information of or knows of a decent "free" web hosting site that I can transfer this page to, please contact me with the information. I would really like to keep this site going. Also, if you would like help finding a loved one, you can send a photo and information and I will gladly add them to this site in the near future.

Joseph Sanders