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As I began this web-site I knew very little about computers and nothing about HTML or anything else one should know in order to create such a page. But with a lot of searching and many hours of reading from several very informative sites, I have learned tons, although there is much more I want to know and do with this site. I am always . You can often find something new somewhere on one of the pages here.

The main reason for my creating this web-site is to get my genealogy onto the internet, so that anyone who is working on the same family lines as I am can collaborate with me, and hopefuly we can gain much wanted information.

I realy enjoy GENEALOGY! It is exciting to find out about my ancesters. It is also wonderful to meet (at least through the e-mail) cousins. Especiallly when I never dreamed I had any living relatives, other than my own parents and siblings.

I am excited about all the other great information, and fun stuff, contained herein, and on the other sites to which I have linked. I have so many interests that I just could not put them all on this site, at least not yet. I really enjoy crafts & homemaking skills, gardening & hobbie farming, horses, dogs, cats & many other animals, nature & things of nature,
children & adoption topics, and so many other things.

I hope after you have been around my entire site you will take time to sign my guestbook, and let me know what you think. I also hope that all the information, especially on the genealogy pages, is correct. If you find anything that you feel is not accurate please let me know! Furthermore, if you think our genealogy lines connect, please contact me.

I am happy to have found so many great homepages that I have used in buliding this site, and some that I have linked to these pages. Finally I want to thank all those who have helped me with this project. A special thanks to the "Spinning Wheel Lady" at Applehollow Farms for the use of her wonderful spinning wheel graphic!

Send e-mail to:heidilous@dcdi.net

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