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(on Rt 42... 1 1/2 M. south of Rt.82)
Strongsville, Ohio 44136-6048
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An Open  Green Space Preservation Land Trust

Updated November 15, 2008

The purpose of this site is to tell you a little about the Gardenview Horticultural Park and how to get here.


The grounds consist of 16 acres... 6 acres of English Cottage Gardens (made up of all kinds of
extremely choice, uncommon and rare plants, with special emphasis on plants with
variegated, golden, silver, or colored foliage) and a 10 acre arboretum. There are numerous
individual gardens; of various shapes and sizes; fitting together, like a jig-saw puzzle, into
one glorious, overall picture. The Arboretum contains 2000 flowering trees, under planted with
countless thousands of daffodils.

The flowering season begins about mid-February and lasts until at least the end of October.

                                     The Gardenview Horticultural Park is a unique public garden for several reasons

                                              1. It was not created by a wealthy individual who gave their estate and a very
                                                     large Endowment Fund with which to maintain it as a public garden.  It was
                                                     created by an individual who had no money; and who was inspired by the fabulous
                                                     gardens in England and wished to create such a magnificent public garden here
                                              2.The emphasis at Gardenview is not upon providing lavish and opulent spectacle of
                                                     architectural features.  Instead the emphasis is upon extremely choice, rare and
                                                     unusual plants... primarily those with variegated, golden or silver foliage... combined
                                                     into attractive garden settings; in a natural, casual, cottage-garden style... something
                                                     which looks like it might just have happened by itself.  Indeed; some visitors assume
                                                     that it did just happen all by itself.
                                              3. The purpose of Gardenview is
                                                     a.  To provide enjoyment to its visitors and to inspire them to use the ideas
                                                              they might have gotten here in their own gardens.
                                                     b. To collect and exhibit choice and unusual plants which are seldom
                                                              seen in this country.

                                    Gardenview began during the winter of 1949; with the purchase of 16 acres of snow-covered
                                          vacant land.   Unfortunately; when the snow melted in the Spring, the land turned out to be a
                                          blue clay marsh completely covered with blackberry brambles and weeds; totally unsuited
                                          for use as a garden.

                                   For the next 45 years; with hardly any money to work with, and only one person to
                                         do the work; it was transformed into the magnificent, world-renowned public Horticultural Park
                                         which exists today; an accomplishment nothing short of miraculous. There are presently  6 acres
                                         of gardens and a 10 acre arboretum containing, among other things, 500 varieties of flowering
                                         crabapples under planted with daffodils.

                                   For the past 10 years; because of lack of funds; the entire 16 acres are still maintained
                                         by two unpaid volunteers.

                                   Up to the present time, the only source of funds has been from memberships and an admission
                                         charge for those who did not wish to take out a membership.  An Endowment Fund is being
                                         built up; the income of which would be used to hire the help needed to maintain the grounds
                                         in the condition in which they should be kept.  Contributions to the Endowment Fund would be
                                        most welcome since Gardenview will not be able to exist forever without an adequate Endowment
                                   If there will not be enough money available, from Endowment Fund Income, to hire the people needed
                                        to maintain the gardens; things already here would have to be eliminated and the grounds would then
                                       be maintained as open green space or  as open woodland.  What the grounds  will  look like in the future
                                       depends entirely upon the size of the Endowment Fund.  They will continue forever as some kind of
                                        open green space and can never be used for Industrial, Commercial or Residential development. 

                                                                                   Hours of Visitation


Members and groups any time , by appointment
Annual Membership from $25.00

Non-members- Saturday & Sunday- Noon to 6 PM
Other times by appointment
April -October 15
Adults- $5.00
Children- $3.00

How to get to Gardenview Horticultural Park

By I-71

Get off I-7l at Rt 82. Go 1 mile WEST on Rt 82 to Rt 42. Turn LEFT on Rt 42
and go about 1/2 miles SOUTH to Gardenview on your left.
Watch for the black wooden wall across the front, on your left.


Get off 1-71 at Rt 42 and go approximately 3 miles SOUTH to Gardenview
on your left. Watch for the black wooden wall across the front, on your left.

By Ohio Turnpike

Get off  the Turnpike at Rt 42 and go SOUTH approximately 2miles to Gardenview
on your left. Watch for the black wooden wall across the front; on your left.

What is happening now

Things start to bloom about mid-February. Every two weeks, or so,
there is something different in bloom, until the end of October.


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Get Involved

As a non-profit, tax-exempt institution; the Gardenview Horticultural Park can only
continue to exist if there are enough people who appreciate it enough to support
if financially; and in any other way in which they can help. You can help
in any of the following ways.

1. Take out a Membership
2. Contribute to the Endowment Fund
3. Volunteer to help develop, or to maintain the gardens and grounds.
4. Donate materials needed; such as equipment, mulch, peat moss fertilizer
sand, stone, bricks, garden benches, top soil, lumber, building supplies, etc.
5. Anything else you are able to do.

If you have comments or suggestions, email us atgrhp@raex.com