"A real friend will tell you your faults & follies in times of prosperity & assist you with his hand & heart in times of adversity" - Author Unknown.

You've ventured into a little corner of cyperspace which I claim for my own. A virtual home only kilobytes away from all amenities. It requires only periodic re-arranging and/or re-decorating. This site is always open to visitors and so, on that note, feel free to put your feet up and browse till your heart's content.

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Taken from Webster's New World Dictionary. Literally defined as:

nook , n. [ME.nok], 1) a corner, especially of a room 2) a small recess or secluded spot. A place I thoroughly cherish and enjoy sharing with my kids, my dog and my best friend, (soul mate, supporter, sympathizer)...
...my husband "Mike"  (a.k.a.) Muddle
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THANK YOU to all those that voted for my site. I am proud to announce that I placed 3rd out of 179 sites submitted, therefore I made the "TOP 10 PowWow Homepage" list for the week ending July 12th, 1997. Click my Awards link to see the award PowWow gave me. The Top site went to Thunder Rolls (Congratulations Chiinkwia! Your site is a winner by all definitions of the word - you earned it!)


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In Memory of Matt Underwood 1973 - 1998
Keep the Circle Strong

Matt Underwood was a 23-year-old Coast Salish with the Tsawout band. He lived with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, which is a cancer of the blood cells. Matt was diagnosed in December 1995 and spent most of that month at the Vancouver Island Cancer Centre.

On Sunday, September 06, 1998, Matt Underwood lost his battle with Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, which is a cancer of the blood cells following and unsuccessful bone marrow transplant.


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Thanks to Bruce Barber for all the advice, suggestions and most of all for all the help with designs in making this site possible. It is because of all you've taught and shown me along the way that I am proud to provide a link to a few awards that I have received.

Stars in my pocket,
like grains of sand...

Bruce B.


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As an avid web surfer, I have come across some beautifully put together web pages. For those that have impressed me immensely, I am pleased to present the webdesigners with an "INCREDIBLE SITE" award. If you have a site that you would like me to look at, please leave your URL when you sign my guestbook and I will be more than happy to look at it. You may very well be the next recipient of this prestigious award. Go to my guestbook by clicking here.
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