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Pictures from our trip to the Samsung/Radio Shack Texas 500 April 8, 2002

Derailment Pictures - Click Here to see photos from the March 20, 1999 derailment at Emerson IA.

Want to see inside of a C44-9W Locomotive?

The inside of a locomotive - Click Here.

Current Iowa Weather Conditions - Click Here to see just how lovely our Iowa weather is.

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Random Websites - Take a trip down the information super highway blindfolded and see where it takes you. This link will take you to randomly chosen sites.

What would a Home Page be without someone putting links to their favorite sites that no one else even cares about.

Yahoo - Search Engine

Bank Rate Monitor - Looking for the best interest on a credit card or mortgage?

Reverse Phone # Search - Type in the phone number see the name.

GO HAWKS!Hawkeye Football - My favorite football team.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe RailwayBurlington Northern Santa Fe - The company I work for.

Weatherview - Current weather conditions around the state of Iowa and Winter Road Conditions

United Transportation UnionUnited Transportation Union Me 

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