Hi! Welcome to the home page of the Cummings Family:
Jeff, Donna, Andrew & David.
Andrew at 3 years, 4 months, David at 4 months
(April '98)
Andrew at 5 years, 5 months, David at 2 years, 5 months (May '00)
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We are a Christian family living in Vista, California.
Here is a little information about us:
Jeff: recently started working for HK Plastics Engineering, Inc. as the Controller. Here is the web page: (www.teamhk.com).

is a stay-at-home mom (which means that she works harder than anyone) raising our two boys. She is the glue that holds this family together and keeps us going.

Andrew: is our 'wild man'. He is 9 and a half! He plays little league baseball for the Royals (we will have baseball pictures soon). He loves to play and have fun, and he is such a joy (how can we get some of that energy?). He is in third grade already!

David: is our little one and is 6 and a half already! He loves to wrestle with his big brother, ride his bike  skateboard, and Razor, and get his big brother in trouble! He recently started Kindergarten. He will start soccer this fall, and he can't wait!

Brownie: is our newest family member. This brown dog showed up on our doorstep in the summer of 2000, and we fell in love with her instantly (before she started to dig and bark). The boys love this large brown mutt. We don't know where she came from, but she is ours now (unless she keeps digging up our back yard!). She has recently been banished from our house for, shall we say, and accident (on our new carpet! Grrrrr!)
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Our church:
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Great Lord of the Rings sites: http://www.barrowdowns.com/ or http://www.lordotrings.com/default-fl.asp
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The Spurgeon Archives:
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Great Phil Keaggy websites:
http://www.museweb.com/keaggy/ or http://www.philkeaggy.com/
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E-mail us at jec67@hotmail.com.
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Last updated: Thursday, March 18, 2004
Andrew at 4-1/2 and David at 1-1/2 (Sept. '99).
The dynamic duo!
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