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Matheny CrestWelcome to Chateau de Mathenay

Over many years it has been assumed that everyone with the Surnames of Mathena, Matheny, Metheny, Matheney, Metteneye and other adaptations find their roots in Mediveal France, in the small village of Mathenay.

This village is located southeast of Paris, and about 100 miles west of Berne, Switzerland.

The first person known to use the name was Count Guy de Vaudrey, Chevalier, Seigneur de' Mathenay, b 1080.

It was customary during the period of the Middle ages, and the declining of the Christian Roman Empire, that the local lands, Manors and Castles were under the direct influential rule of the Roman Catholic Abbeys of the area.

As the Empire was declining there were Wars erupting between the local Nobles, and Royalties. These regional/local wars were waged against the Abbey Domination.

So it was with the Abbey de' Rosserie and it was taken over by Guy de Vaudrey's father, and according to custom the Manors captured were given to a trusted friend or relative. Thus Guy de Vaudrey was awarded the Manor of Mathenay.

Thus the Origin of the name: Count Guy de Vaudrey, Chevalier, Seigneur de Mathenay.

Credits for the Information to: Delores Johnson and Terrell L. Metheny, Jr.
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Matheny Crest
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