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Welcome to Joe Knueven's presence on the World Wide Web courtesy of GeoCities which provides the necessary disk space for storing my Web pages. The generous allotment of disk space to me for my Web pages contains three distinct pages.

Unfortunately GeoCities has recently introduced what they call an "ad square" into the upper right-hand corner of my web pages. I have no way of controlling whether or not this feature will appear on my web pages. If you wait for a couple of minutes the square will be replaced by a much smaller rectangular window. In the upper right-hand corner of this square is a small "x" - point your cursor at this "x" and click and the entire thing will disappear. It reappears when you move to another screen of my page - I use many screens to speed loading of the information you really want to access. I apologize for this feature and have sent my objection to the GeoCities management although I doubt that it will do any good. In the meanwhile there is a small message at the bottom of this ad window which reads "Send me email" - click on this legend and you will get a screen which will permit you to send me e-mail.

In all cases I have attempted to create pages which are not only accessible to those with graphic Web browsers such as Netscape, MSIE and Opera but also to those with text only browsers such as Lynx and via e-mail. While this has not always been entirely possible I think all of you will find access reasonably easy.

I do not use frames which I think are greatly overused on the Web. My views on frames agree with many users of the Web. MIT has a very good explanation of why frames should not be used. I have only recently introduced a few table tags in order to better position some of the graphics. I hope that this does not cause problems for my text only users. Following are synopses of the three pages and links to access them. Hope that you find them enjoyable and that you will return often.

My Hotlist of Sites of Interest
In my early days as a Web inhabitant I established this page as a substitute for bookmarks which I did not find particularly handy to catalog in any logical order. This has changed in recent years and I am toying with the idea of just replacing this page with a page of my bookmarks. However, for the moment there are sites on my original hotlist which I have never gotten around to adding to my bookmarks. As a temporary stopgap I have included a list of my Netscape bookmarks as one of the items in my hotlist. This results in some duplication but I don't think it will be too troublesome until I can make the anticipated transition. BTW, if you don't use Netscape you can still access the listed sites with other browsers by using the bookmark list included here.

My home page
This page contains areas pertaining to a number of my many and varied interests. Included are links to some sites of particular interest to me as well as text discussing my interests. As my interests change, and they often do, sections will no doubt be deleted from time to time and new sections added. If you enjoy a particular area let me know so I can take your preferences into consideration when changing the Web page.

Wyoming Home Page
Since 1946 I have lived in Wyoming, Ohio - a suburb adjoining the northern boundary of the city of Cincinnati. For my own amusement and the benefit of any present and/or ex-Wyomingites I have collected a wide variety of information about our fair city and put it into this Web page. The page is unofficial and unauthorized by anyone in the city administration but I think the audience to which it is addressed will find it informative and enjoyable reading.

Should anyone care to send comments or suggestions concerning any of the above pages I would certainly appreciate hearing from you. - just click here to reach my mail address from here

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