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Katie Jean Kampshoff
Katie - September, 2001

Katie's Story

Mortality, this isn't something that an young girl should have to know, unfortunately, Katie has reached understanding of life that most adults haven't touched.
Katie was 6 years old she was diagnosed with cancer. She had a Wilms' Tumor in her right kidney. While she was being flown to Rochester, MN for emergency surgery, Katie saw the light. She saw herself on the bed and met her angel. The Lord spared her and returned her to her family and home - but her fight continues.
May 1997 two more tumors were found in her left lung. She had to go through the surgical removal of these tumors and of her left lung. It didn't end there. In September four more were found in her right lung. Christmas of 1997 found Katie too sick to enjoy the holiday. In fact Christmas had to be postponed as the risk of catching contagious diseases was too high for Katie to be exposed to visitor. Katie fought with Chemo Therapy through the winter. Her Aunt Diane had this page built for her in January of 1998. At that time she was too sick to go to school and the prognosis on her condition was grave. Her mother had to quit her job to be home with her full time and she spent the winter in and out of hospitals. The Chemo Therapy that was to save her ravaged her body bent on destroying all rapidly growing cells (in a child all cells are rapidly growing.) Below are updates as she progressed through the winter with a lot of prayers from a lot of wonderful "cyber" friends visiting these pages. Finally, in July it was decided that anymore Chemo treatments would be too risky - the Chemo was stopped and Katie was put in God's hands. As you can see by the picture above God took good care of her. Please pray that the cancer stays gone this time and she will be able to live a normal life. Her next check up will be later in March. I will update this page again as soon as we have the results.
March 4, 1998 update:
March 14,1998 update:
May 5, 1998 update:
May 11, 1998
May 20, 1998 Update: I have created a page for watching Katie's Computer Fund grow. CLICK HERE to view.
June 2, 1998 Update:
CLICK HERE to see Katie's new computer.
June 24, 1998 Update:
July 8, 1998 Update:

August 11, 1998

Click here to visit Katie for a day in the sun with her family.

September 25, 1998 Update: GOOD NEWS

Back to School!!!
December 30, 1998 Update: MORE GOOD NEWS!!
March 30, 1999 Update: Some complications - let's pray them away.
October 19, 1999 Update: Katie is still doing fine!

November 23, 2000 Update: Katie is still doing fine and living an almost normal life! Your prayers are working!

Katie's Family

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