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Holy Father's
Prayer to Mary


Mother of God and of men!
The City of Rome greets you today in this historic place.
We come to you during the Holy Year of the Redemption,
To venerate the stupendous work
That the Most Holy Trinity has accomplished in you,
in the birth of Christ, Redeemer of the world and your Son.
During the Holy Year, we thank God for you --
First among the redeemed:
for you -- among all the children of Adam -- were preserved
from original sin.
O Mary! Be the Mother of our liberation from every evil:
From the evil that overburdens man's conscience,
and from that evil which always more threateningly obstructs
the horizon of our century.
You are the light of the first Advent!
You are the morning star that precedes the coming of the Messiah.
Now that the Church and mankind are approaching the end
of the second millennium of Christ's coming--
be for us the light of this new Advent,
be its morning star,
so that darkness does not surround us!
Precisely at the end of the second millennium
there accumulate on the horizon of all mankind
enormously threatening clouds, and darkness falls
upon human souls.
Intervene, O Mary, and speak,
with your mother's persuasive voice,
to the heart of those who decide the destinies of peoples,
so that through dialogue
they may find the ways for honorable and just settlements
of the conflicts that oppose them.
Convince men at arms in the various parts of the world
to welcome the plea for peace
that rises to them from the tormented and defenseless populations.
O Mary, revive in everyone's heart
the sense of human solidarity
towards those who, deprived of essential goods, are dying of
those who, refugees from their homeland, seek refuge for
themselves and their families;
those who, left without work, see their own tomorrow
dangerously threatened.
O Mary, protect the candor of innocence
In today's children, who will be the men and women of the
future millennium
In your Immaculate Conception you reflect with particular splendor
the Light that came into the world:  Christ the Lord.
May this Light lead us toward the future!
Mirror of justice!
Queen and Mother of peace!
"Salus Populi Romani!"
Be with us now, always and at the hour of our death.

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