Welcome to a web site devoted to the 13th Kentucky Voluntary Cavalry of the American Civil War. I becam interested because 3 of the Singleton family had headstones with this and I wanted to learn more. After gathering some information I found there was no web site so I built this one. Over the years other researchers have contributed information that I have included. I'll gladly include your info as well. Enjoy your visit.

Tom Land

Thirteenth Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry

Civil War

Information from: The Department of Military Affairs

Military Records and Research Branch

1121 Louisville road

Pine Hill Plaza

Frankfort, KY 40601-6169

Transcribed by: Tom Land,

The people who lived in the counties of Eastern-Southern Kentucky from Green river to the Tennessee border were largely Unionist and were made the prey of bands of Confederate rangers as well as suffered from the movements of the larger Confederate organizations. It was necessary for them to organize for their self-defense. They had rallied to the standards of Wolford, Hoskins, Ward, Hobson and others, but the regiments which were at first raised had gone to the front and were fighting for the Union on distant battle fields. There was need for troops at home, and, in fact, a man could find greater safety in an armed organization than at his home. The condition of affairs led to the formation of a regiment at Columbia, Ky., beginning in the summer of 1863; it was organized by Col. J.W. Weatherford, who had been a major in the 8th Ky. Calvary, and it became the 13th Ky. Calvary. The men were familiar with the country of Eastern-Southern Kentucky, and the regiment was employed mainly in that section. The regiment went at once into active duty even while in process of formation, and before it was mustered into service, which was December 23, 1863. In September and October it was engaged in protecting the country from Lebanon southward. October 29th seven companies were sent after the Richardson raiders. They marched seventy-five miles in fourteen hours, surprized Richardson, and ran him across the Cumberland. October 31st four companies were at Columbia nad one at Lebanon, the others at other points. December 6th three scouting parties of one hundred men each were sent out, one to cross the Cumberland river at Creelsboro, one at Celina, and one at Burksville. They were to meet at Livingston, Tenn. The movements were successful. Fifteen of the raiding enemies called guerrillas were killed and twenty-three captured, and their horses taken.

December 31st the 13th was in Gen. Hobson's department of Southern-Central Kentucky. It remained in his command for a number of months. March 23, 1864, the regiment still being on duty in the same station, Gen. Hobson reported that some of its men under Maj. Rigney had fought with Col. Hamilton on Cumberland river, and captured twelve of his gang.

May 14, 1864, Col. Weatherford reported from Burksville that he had encountered the enemy at Wolfe river losing two men killed, nad others wounded, and having captured eight prisioners, including a captian. During the summer the 13th was brigaded in the brigade of Col. Clinton J. True in Hobson's division.

When Morgan raided the state in June, 1864, from Pound Gap and made his way to Cynthiana where he was routed and scattered, the 13th was on duty at Lebanon for the protection of that section.

August 27, 1864, the 13th was at Point Burnside; August 31, 1864, it was brigaded with the 35th Ky., Col. Starling, and 40th Ky., Col. True, in the 1st Brigade (Gen. Hobson), of Gen. McLean's division. September 16th the 13th was ordered to concentrate at Mt. Sterling with the other troops under Gen. Hobson, Col. John Mason Brown, Col. Hanson and others, for the expedition to Saltville, VA. It participated in thes campaign and was engaged in all its severe fighting and hard marching. In the battle at Saltville the 13th lost four men killed and 13 wounded. Returning from this expedition the 13th was at Mt. Sterling, Lexington and Crab Orchard. December 17, 1864 Gen. McLean ordered the regiment to Camp Nelson. It remained there on duty until January 10, 1865, when it was mustered out on account of expiration of term of service.

The service of the 13th was over fifteen months, and the entire time was spent in active work; it engaged in mumberless skirmishes and some severe engagements. It never failed to perform every duty required, and had the absolute confidence of the commanding officers.

Field and Staff

Colonel - James W. Weatherford Lt. Col. - John A. Morrison

Majors - Harrison M. Hurt; Ferinand D. Rigney; George W. Sweeney

Adjt. - Daniel S. Parker Q-Master - Fielding P. Bland

Commissary - George F. Cunningham Surgeon - Lafayette Bennett

Asst. Surgeons - Wm. D. Stone; Joseph S. Harper



Mustered in at organization

Additions via transfer, recruits, etc.

Total number






Mustered out

Field & Staff












































































































































Mary Mcgough

My son found an old rifle scabbard and was told by a person interested in antiques that it was from the Thirteenth Calvary. I looked the Thirteenth up on the internet and found your name. At the top in the middle of the scabbard just to the right are four letters starting with a J ending with D, 18??, just below that are three letters look like ENS - my son was told it was from the 13th calvary because of the tag on it. This tag is bolted on the scabbard is about 1 1/2 in by 1/2 it says ???13.

To see the pictures of the whole scabbord click here

To see the pictures of the top detail click here


My members of the 13th Ky. Calvary:

Pvt. John Singleton, Company A

Pvt. Wiliam H. Singleton, Company A

Pvt. William J. Singleton, Company A

To add your ancestor to this list e-mail the page owner: Tom Land with the name. I will try to update the list on occasion. WARNING: Please put "13th KY Cav. update request" in the subject or the message may be lost. If you are sending an update to information already listed on the web site please put "13th KY Cav. update update request" as the subject and make sure there is enough information for me to locate the existing entry. I try to duplicate the information received as accurately as possible, usually copy & paste. Tom Land

As an FYI, the entire roster (at least according to the National Parks Service) is transcribed and posted at: this Rootsweb site if you'd like to add a link to it. Sherri Hall, Clinton County KY County Coordinator

Jackie Lee Taylor Zortman

Here are my ancestors who served in the 13th KY Volunteer Cavalry of the Union Army in the Civil War. All were from Casey County, KY:

Lewis Taylor Pvt. Company A. (Blacksmith) William C. Taylor Pvt. Company A. James David Taylor Pvt. Company A. Thomas Taylor Pvt. Company A. Henry Clay Taylor Pvt. Company A. John Seaton Lee, Sgt., Company B. William B. Lee, Pvt. Company B (Wagon Master) Robert Erne Lee, Pvt. Company B

Carl A. Russell I have an ancestor who was in Company F, 13th Kentucky Cavalry, USA; his name was Patrick Luther Patterson. He enlisted September 28, 1863 at Columbia, Kentucky; discharged January 10, 1865 at Camp Wilson, Kentucky. Prior to his enlistment in the 13th, he had been a Private in Company D, 32nd Regiment, Kentucky Volunteer Infantry; enlisted November 7, 1862 at Somerset, Kentucky. Patrick Luther Patterson was the son of Benjamin Pierce Patterson of Company E, 65th "Fain's" Regiment, Georgia Infantry, CSA. This is a good indicator of just how divided the country was and how it affected families.

Jerry Lloyd On our land in Russell County, Kentucky is my great grandfathers grave. It is marked Corp. John J. Lloyd 13th Ky. Cav. This is all on badge looking emblem on the head stone. My father allways said that he was a union solder but I think that there was a confedrate unit of this name also. My family and I would be most thankful for any info on this subject.

Bill Coomer James M. Coomer, Company I, private, from Wayne County.

Bettie Meador Allgood I would like to enter my GGrandfathers records into the 13th Calv. Company A. He was mustered-in October 26,1863. He served in the Bradford's Batt'n-Co A. (13th Calv.) He was injured at Fort Pillow and captured at Fort Pillow April 12 1864. He was taken to U.S.G.H. at Mound City, Ill. and later discharged with pension in 1864. His name--Private James P. Meador.

Linda Aaron Dickerson Thompson, of Pulaski County, KY was a member of the 13th in Company I.

Capt. Adam Martin I am trying to find out what I can about Capt. Adam Martin's civil war record. As best I can determine he was either in Co B or F of the 13th Ky Cav. His brother Joseph was probably in the same unit. His family was from Floyd Co., KY -Walen area.

Chris Propes My gggg-grandfather, Thorton West. He was 44 yrs old when he enlisted for the second time on Dec 23,1863 in Columbia, Ky. He reenlisted in Co. I. Thorton mustered out on Jan. 10, 1865 at Camp Nelson and by the Army's account, he owed the US $46.96 for his saddle, bridle, halter, carbine, cartridge box, and sling. Thorton was born in 1812 and is buried in Oak Grove Cemetary in Casey Co. The 61st Tennessee Infantry

Christi Catron Pvt. Charles Wesley Catron, Company "E"

Chris Bramstedt, Alton, IL My great grandfather was George W. Ramsey. He served as a private in H Co. of the 13th regiment Kentucky Cavalry. He enlisted September 3, 1863 and was discharged at Camp Nelson, KY, January 10, 1865. I have the papers from the Archives.

Craig Deaton I have in my library an original copy of the "Revised U.S. Army Regulations - 1863" that has written inside it, "Let this book stay in my office - Jas. W, Weatherford Col 13 Ky Cav, Burkville,KY" It came from my family library in Jefferson, TX and most of my relatives fought for the South. I would be willing to give this book to someone who can prove that they are a direct decendent of Col. Weatherford.

Jill Grimes I am trying to find if my GGGrandfather served with the CSA or USA in the 13th Ky Cav. Co . C. Could you please point me in the right direction as to where to find this info? His name is William Garner and he is buried in Jamestown, Kentucky, Choat Cemetery, Russell County. I am not sure if this is the county that he was from originally.

Dave Roderick My relative, Anderson (Andrew) Hancock was a member of the Eighth KY Cav. I understand that it became the 13th. Is that true?

Dollie Myers Edward R. Reece of Adair County, KY Private Co. L, 13th KY Cavalry Pension App. No. 750342 Pension Cert. No. 789446 Widow: Rachel (England) Reece Pen. App. No. 1225701 Pen. Cert. No. 963646 Ancestor of: Lonnie Leverich, Cecil Van Leverich, Jr., Cecil Van Leverich, Sr., Elizabeth Sanders Leverich, Nancy Reece Sanders

No name given: My great-great-grandfather John Queen Jr. was a member of the 13th Ky. Cavalry. Family legend has it he was wounded in a battle "near Cumberland Gap" when he was only 14 years old. That would have probably been in 1862, according to his birthdate. Surviving the war, he eventually married and had nine children. He was from Lily Ky. in Laurel County, his descendants still live there. If anyone knows what battle he fought in, or anything else about him or his father, T. John Queen, please let me know at

Gary Lee Cottrell: 104 West Club Drive Carrollton, GA 30117-4140 ph. 770-830-9749 I'm looking for information about Twyman's Independent Scouts (Co. G, 13th Ky Cavalry). Can anyone direct me to a source (books, rosters, manuscripts, diaries, etc.)?

Billy G. Barber: 5070 Eagle Cove Road Byrdstown, Tennessee 38549 Ph. 921 864-6194 John Biggle Barber {my great grandfather},Martin Alexander Barber, {survived},James Franklin Barber, KIA, William Riley,{ Was on Andrew JOhnson's staff and died of smallpox in 1865, {buried in the government cemetery in Nashville under the name William P. Barber}, and finally Geoge Polk Barber, {killed by rebel bushwhackers while on night duty either 18 or 19th of May, 1864 near Kingston, Georgia {Bartow County}. James Frankin Barber was killed at the Battle of Saltville, Va. The rifle fire was so heavy his body had to be left on the field. As you can see, three of my great great grandfathers sons were lost in the civil war. All information appreciated.

Jeff Hudson My great-grandfather, Andrew J Stockton, born Aug 20, 1845, served as a Sgt. in Co. C in the 13th Kentucky Cavalry. He was wounded (shot in the testicles, losing one) and received a pension for the remainder of his life. He moved to Cloud County Kansas soon after the war where he was married and raised his family on a farm (The remaining one still worked). More information is in the family files for those wishing genealogy information.

Jim Chapman James King Polk Chapman Co K Mustered in: Sept 1863 Mustered out: Oct 1865 He served in the 20 th ky infantry until aug 1862,he deserted to go to the 8 th Ky cav where he served until sept 1863.joined the 13 th ky cav in Sept. 1863,mustered out Jan 1865

Jack Leroy Wooldridge, Beech Grove, IN 46107-2470 I am looking for the roster of Company "C" , 13th Ky Calvary, Sept. 1863 to Jan. 1865, in particular my g-grandfather James Wooldridge of Rowena District, Jamestown, KY. His widow had a pension application on file in 1890 in Russell County, KY which she states James Wooldridge served in the above unit and was discharged at expiration of enlistment. He subsequently died in March 1878 of hemmorage of the lungs!!

James E Chapman,jr James King Polk Chapman Co K,13th ky cav mustered in:20 februray 1865 mustered out: 23 october 1865 Note: served in the 20th ky infantry,Co G also served in the 8th ky cav.Co F,13th ky cav. The info I have has him in the 20th ky inf 1861. The 8 th Ky Co.F Cav in 1862,the 13 th Ky Cav 1865. I have a couple pictures if you want them.

Jody Jeffers I have the original discharge papers of my great grandfather from the Civil War but it's badly worn. It says, "know ye, that John Patton a private of Captain Edmond Wilkerson Company, (I), 13th Regiment of Kentucky Calvary Volunteers who was enrolled on the 15th day of September one thousand eight hundred and 63 to serve one year during the war, is hereby Discharged from the service of the United States this twelth day of January 1863 at Camp Nelso Ky by reason of expiration of time. No objection to his being re-enlisted is know to exist." The document is signed b E. Wilkerson and also N.McKinney or N.C. Kinney Capt. 18th Reg. ??? Ministering Officer.

Ken Lord, St. Charles, Mo. Listed are my ancestors that were Pvts. in the 13th Ky Vol. Cav, Co K. Enlisted for one year each. Dane, (Dean) Littleton B., and Dane, (Dean) William Patton, both enrolled Sept. 12, 1863, mustered in Dec. 23, 1863 at Columbia, Ky and mustered out on Jan. 10, 1865 at Camp Nelson, Ky.

Kenneth Day I Have At lest two ansestors inthe 13 CAV: Hiram W Hogg Enlist Date 02SEp1862 whitesburg KY Private Killed In Action 22 Sep 1863 any information on this man would be helpful. and His brother Stephen Hogg b Co 13th Cav Reg KY enlist date 09 sep 1862 private.

Kenneth Pratt Looking for Information on a John (Knock) Pratt Civil war Union Army Co. B 13th Ky. Calvary,CSA. Am trying to do a family tree.

Kenneth Lasley My great uncle was a member of the Union Army, Company G 13th Kentucky Calvary. His name was Calvin Camel Lasley. Calvin was born in Pulaski County, Kentucky on June 18, 1846. He was wounded in the Civil War and suffered from it until his death in 1884.

Don Rubarts If you can, please add my great grandfather to Co. "I". His name was Benjamin F Rubarts. His brother, John E, also served and in Casey county in 1864. Ben was a private and John was a sergeanr at the time of his death. They were both from Adair.


Paul Erickson I believe I had four relatives in Co. K 13th Kentucky Volunteer Calvary.

1. Moses R. Foley Co. K resident of Adair Co. Ky one yrs service.

2. William Noah Foley Co. K Knox Co. Ky mustered into service Sept. 25 1863. One year service. Honorably discharged Jan 10, 1865.

3. Morgan Womack Co. K married into Foley Family.

4. Alexander Logan Wilson Co. K Married into Foley family.

If you could look into this or tell me how to find exactly who these men were I would appreciate it. Please send me any information if you can find any about these men. Also, do you know where I can get a full muster sheet of the 13th Kentucky Calvary?

Peggy Bell My GGG Grandfather Elisa Johnson was in the 13th KY Cav. Company I. And other than he had a daugther named Tennessee that is the sum total of information that I have. IF you should happen to run across anthing eles I would be very thankful if you would contac me at .

Bobby Picklesimer My Great Grandfather was Ambrose L. Tarter CO. B 13th KY Cav. from Casey Co. KY.

Rodney Stacey Alexander Bolton SR Private, Co. G , Enrolled Feb. 13, 1863

Ronald Craig An ancestor of mine, James Robert Craig, was a private in Company C, 13 Kentucky Union Cavalry. He enlisted on December 23, 1863. He was born in 1843 and was the son of Spencer Craig of Grayson County, Kentucky.

Shirley Scarbrough My great grandfather served in Company A, 13th Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry. His name was Edmund Welch. He enlisted as a Private on July 27, 1863, and mustered into service on December 23, 1863 in Columbia, KY. He mustered out on January 10, 1865 at Camp Nelson, KY.

No name furnished James Mclemore Co. G 13th KY Cav CSA 9/15/0846 - 4/12/1936

Tom McKean My great-grandfather, Priv. Absalom C. Atkisson, enrolled 23 Sept 1861, mustered in 31 Dec 1861 at Camp Hobson, Ky; mustered out --"62 at Louisville, Ky., due to illness, discharged 6 Nov 1861 (had Brights Disease of Kidneys). This according to Company C records and discharge papers.

Suzie Leo My great grandfather, John Walker Amburgey, and his brothers Anderson and William Amburgey served in the 13th KY Cav. All three were from Knott County. They originally served in Company F, 5th KY Infantry. I am very interested in obtaining as much information on the 13th as possible.

Thor Lewis I am searching for a list, or how to obtain information, concerning Company J of the 13th Kentucky Cavalry. The Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky did not have Company J listed. I obtained your address from,, which is a list of researchers on particular regiments. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Rob Jent Westmoreland, TN My great great grandfather was in the 13 KY Calvary Company C from August 25, 1863 to January 10, 1865. His name was Corporal Ellisan L. Braswell.

MIKE WATSON Capt. Thomas M.Watson company D 13th ky cav mustered in 1863 mustered out Jan 1865.

Vince C. Warlaumont

Well my G.G.G.Grandfather was in 13th cav Ky.Co G. He was Private William Henry Baker born 25 Jun 1842. He Join at the age of 18. I have copies of his company muster rolls & Pension Paper. He lived to be 71 yrs old. I'm still looking for his parents.

Morris Shepherd

My great-grandfather, George Milton Wolford served in Co. K, 13th Regiment, Kentucky Volunteer Cavalry. He volunteered in Russell Co. KY on 12 Sept., 1863 and was reported on muster in roll at Lebanon, KY on 23 Sept. 1863. He was mustered out with the Company as a Corp. 10 Jan. 1865 at Camp Nelson, KY. George Milton Wolford became the jailer and also the Sheriff of Adair County, KY after he left service. He hung the last two men to be hung in Adair County in 1884. Morris Shepherd

Richard L Hudson

My ancestor ,Jeremiah Vardiman Hudson was the Farrier in Co I of the 13th Cav. He was the brother-in-law of John Seaton Lee, Robert Erne Lee and William B Lee, all members of Co B. I believe he was also the brother-in-law of Captain Wilkinson who commanded one of the companies. Thanks for the site Richard L Hudson

Brenda Frogge Pvt. James McKinley Frogge. Blacksmith, Company M

Capt. George W. Penn, Company M

Pvt. James A. Furkin, Company L

Source: National Archives Pension Files on Pvt. Frogge

Randy Jones My great great grandfather Eli Baugh served with company D. Randy Jones

Mildred DuVal Union Army, 13th Ky. Calvery, Co. F.--Noah Lawhorn was my great, great grandfather. He was born in 1829 and died Aug 12, 1899. Mildred DuVal

MaryAnn Nicholson My ancestor, John W. COOK, of Somerset, Pulaski County, KY., was a private in the 13th Kentucky Calvary (Union), "E" Company. MaryAnn Nicholson

Marilyn M. Fair My Great Great Grandpa Elijah Smith enlisted into the Union Army in Aug.1863 at Pulaski Co.Ky. ,he was mustered in at Columbia in Adair Co. KY. to Company D, 13th Regiment, Kentucky Volunteer Calvary, he was the husband of Sarah Elizabeth Butler Smith and the father of 15 children. Elijah died 12-June-1898 in Adair Co. Ky. and is buried in the Smith Family Cemetary there in Adair Co. near Milltown. I have all his pension records and really appreciate your site. Thanks Marilyn M. Fair.

Denoix, Ostend Belgium I was looking at the movie/video from Gods and Generals, i.c. The video with the movie song. I was just fooling around and noticed a shot of a grave with a name. W.R. Jeter capT , 13th V cav. Born 1831. I have some interest in the great war /civil war North America had, (allthough I'm from Belgium) and the songs of the Band and Dylan on that issue. Im I right if this is a grave from one of the Soldiers of the 13th CAV? If you would like to take a look, you can see or download the video at Anyway it is a nice song and a nice clip. You can see the grave Dylan is staring at , allmost at the end of the video. Do you have any more information on this man? An internet search couldn't give me much more and the name is not mentoined on your site. Thx Denoix, Ostend Belgium

William G. Ealey I am looking for the parents (born in Tn. as shone on census) of My Gr-grandfather JOSHUA DISNEY b, 1836 Tn. died 21Jul.1885 buried in Bethel a/k/a The Hampton Cemetery in Sangamon Co. Lanesville Twp.Illiopolis Illinois. In Anderson CO. Tn 27 Sept,1858 JOSHUA married MARY ( POLLY ) JANE SEIBER by LEVY SEIBER She was the dau. of ROBERT SEIBER and WINNIE JANE FARMER. On JOSHUA'S Tombstone reads 13th Ky . Cal. Co. H . I am doing a family tree and would like to find the name's of JOSHUA DISNEY parents. Deeply indeted to you if you can help me in any way. William G. Ealey

Joan McIntosh I'm looking for Abraham McIntosh who served in Union army. There are several Abraham's who served. I am attempting to locate Abraham who was married to Emily Wyatt from the Barbourville/Flat Lick, KY area. Keep running into dead-ends. Joan McIntosh

Bill Coomer Pvt. James M. Coomer, Company I, 13th Ky Cav. from Pulaski County 1890 Census Special Schedule: War of the Rebellion Survivors & Widows.

Cathy Parnell Vance has a Civil War Page along with information on Company A of the 13th ky Reg. and Company D.13th Ky Cav. with some good links.

Click here for the main page.

Click here for the Adair Co Kentucky and Co "D" 13th Ky.

Click here for the Company "A" 13th Ky Cavalry.

Listings from Clinton Co., KY donated by: Lisa Perry 13th KY Cavalry Veterans buried in Clinton County, KY Source: ?Rocks of Ages? by Gary Denton Norris, 1999 Listed by: Name DOB DOD CO Rank Cemetery

Agee, Joseph A. 12-24-1868 01-12-1920 H Agee, Joe;

Beck, Lewis 5-??-1828 Aft 1910 F Sgt Davis Chapel;

Brown, Claborn 02-24-1833 12-14-1897 H Sgt Vitatoe;

Brown, Ellison 5-??-1850 ??-??-???? H Pvt Witham;

Brown, Harmon B.2-??-1828 Aft 1910 H Pvt Witham;

Brown, Henry ??-??-???? ??-??-???? H Cave Springs;

Brumley, H. R. ??-??-???? ??-??-???? E Brumley;

Brumley, Robert D.??-??-???? ??-??-???? E Brumley;

Cooksey, James A. 7-xx-1844 ??-??-???? F Boils;

Davis, Absalom B5-2-1841 12-29-1923 E Pvt Davis Chapel;

Denney, Hiram 12-??-1841 10-7-1888 E Owens, Sam;

Dicken, Abner B.02-??-1844 ??-??-???? H Pvt Cave Springs;

Dicken, Richard ??-??-???? ??-??-???? F Cpl Cave Springs;

Dicken, William M.1-??-1843 Aft 1870 H Cave Springs;

Dickerson, I. ??-??-???? ??-??-???? C Cave Springs;

Farr, Martin ??-??-184? Aft 1910 F Green Grove;

Gibbons, Campell M.5-13-1838 7-30-1904 F Sgt Irwin;

Goodman, John A.Abt 1842 3-13-1907 E Cpl Pine Grove;

Guffey, Jon ??-??-???? ??-??-???? H Cave Springs;

Guffey, N. W. ??-??-???? ??-??-???? C Davis Chapel;

Guthrie, John 3-??-1838 Aft 1910 E Sgt Guthrie;

Hancock, Benjamin F. T. 9-19-1832 4-9-1909 H Sgt Albany;

Hicks, William W. ??-??-18?? ??-??-???? H Hicks;

Hurt, John H. 10-25-1846 4-27-1865 E Hopkins, George;

Kilpatrick, WilliamAbt 1819 ??-??-???? A Lawson;

Lawhorn, Noah ??-??-???? ??-??-???? F Sgt Lawson;

Leslie, Vatchill7-11-1848 1-6-1929 C Pvt Tuggle;

Looper, John M. 10-14-1844 3-16-1929 E Sgt Albany;

Parrigin, Cyrus Booher 10-14-1847 3-13-1941 F Albany;

Parrigin, Joseph??-??-1818 ??-??-???? F Albany;

Perdew, James ??-??-???? ??-??-???? E Davis Chapel;

Polston, James ??-??-183? Aft 1910 C Cave Springs;

Ray, F. M. 7-13-1844 12-18-1920 G Pvt Irwin;

Riddle, Fountain R.??-??-18?? ??-??-???? C Rose of Sharon(Cumb);

Rigney, Martin 6-4-1843 1-23-1924 D Oak Grove;

Rowe, William G.??-??-???? ??-??-???? H Pvt Lawson;

Shipley, John F.12-28-1841 9-30-1920 F Pvt Cedar Hill;

Sidwell, Jesse 3-??-1832 ??-??-???? H Albany;

Smith, William R.5-15-1844 1-13-1911 F New Bethel;

Stearns, Issac C.??-??-???? ??-??-???? E Cpl Cave Springs;

Wise, William 1847 Aft 1910 H Pvt Thurman;

Witham, John 12-20-1832 9-22-1896 Unk Grider Dock;

Wray, William C.7-28-1842 2-13-1903 E Cpl Albany;

Zachary, T. T. 2-21-1847 12-29-1903 H Savage;


Good information from Richard Forston:

I almost forgot that I had this stuff. Thought it might help you out a little. My greatgrandfather, James Henry Dishon ("Dition" on his tombstone) was aparently a member of Company M. He was from the Pulaski/Lincoln Co. area, and if I'm guessing right, so are your Singletons. It says he was from the 13th Infantry on his tombstone, but the 13th Cav. on his discharge paper, which I have a copy of. I tend to trust the discharge paper more. Dick Forston ( Pvt. James Henry Dishon - forgot to mention his rank, earlier)

A list of other researchers of the KY 13th (Tom Land):

Pamela Johnson Zachariah Collins, Co C James Bird Co A

Sandy Santoli Jesse Newell Co D

Darrell Smith Smith in Co I

James McIntosh Amburgey and McIntosh

Debbie Raque William Easton Shofner, Co E

Michael Becker James Leeper Willoughby John Wallace Cunningham Willoughby

Steve Crandell gr-grandfather a captain

Harold of VA havans@AOL.COM Isaac Tallent

Keith Cundiff John Cundiff

Randall E Martin Hiram Henderson Dennie Eli Brown

Jason Bolin bolinjs@WKUVX1.WKU.EDU Moses Murphy

Stronnie Edward Dominic McBride

Marsil Creech Sials Creech, POW

S Bass gg-grandfather-in-law

Kerry Powell Oliver Powell

Robert Koch Milton Jesse Murrell

Jeff Winkler Elisha Keeton, Co. L

Duane Hargis Duane Hargis, Co B

R. Hadley Private John C. Hadley

John Graysneck George Rigney

Karen Isaacson Amos Baugh

Godfrey Baugh

Greenup Baugh

Milam Baugh

Thomas Baugh

From: I have 3 bits of information on the 13KY Cavalry. The first is the same that Randy sent in the mail you copied me. I'm including the other two items in this mail.

These two pieces of information are short histories of Company B and Company C. These were found on the Nat'l Archives (NARA) microfilm M397 "Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from the State of KY (roll #123). M397 contains service records for the soldiers on a Company-by-Company basis. At the beginning of the records for each company, there is a short history of that company. I am primarily interested in Company B, but I've copied C's history since the two units seem to have moved together -- and the copyist for C had better handwriting! Below is the Company B history. The next mail will have Company C. Kevin Cundiff

===== This information was researched on 30 JUNE 1995 by: Kevin Cundiff; 522 Candlewood Lane; Garland, TX 75041..

The following information was hand-copied from a Nation Archives and Records Administration (NARA) microfilm roll. The series was M397 "Compiled Service Records of Volunteer Union Soldiers Who Served in Organizations from Kentucky". On Roll #123, at the beginning of the service records for soldiers who served in B Company, there is a short report on the history of the Company. I have also copied C Company's history (on the same roll) since it and B Company appear to have moved together and the C Company report adds a little more detail. This same information is available on NARA microfilm M594 (Roll #61), but the pages for B Company are filmed out of order. I have added indentation to make the text easier to read. The original document is written as one long paragraph on the front and back of two Muster Roll sheets. [Comments inside the square brackets are mine]

----- [Company B History: Front of Page 1] B Co., 13 Kentucky Cav Company Muster Roll for Jan & Feb, 1864 shows the station of the company, Camp Pleasant Hill, Marrowbone, Cumberland Co., Ky [There is a line through "Camp Pleasant Hill" it may just be a scratch on the microfilm, or it may have been scratched out by the copyist]

Record of Events Oct. 12 ordered on Scout by Lt Col. Stiles to New Haven, Ky. Oct 14 ordered on scout by Lt.Col. Stiles to Springfield, Ky. Oct. 19 ordered on scout by Col. Weatherford in pursuit of Capt. Richardson and party. Pursued them to Russell Springs and returned. Oct. 23, 24, 25, 26 & 27 on provost duty at Lebanon, Ky. Nov 5 ordered by Col Weatherford to Columbia, Ky Nov 26 ordered by Col. Weatherford on scout on South side of Cumberland Riv- (over)

[Company B History: Back of Page 1] MAY 21 1891 10020099 [information stamped on top of page] er. Severe skirmishing with enemy. Killed some & catured [sic] - had one man captured. Dec 17 ordered by Col. Weatherford to Burksville, Ky. Dec 23 ordered by Col Weatherford to Columbia, Ky. Dec 28 ordered by Col. Weatherford to Burksville, Ky. Jan 5 ordered by Gen. Hobsin to Knoxville, Tenn. Order revoked and went into camp at Columbia. Jan 24 ordered by Col. J.W. Weatherford on scout (next card)

[Company B History: Front of Page 2] to Glasgow, Ky. Feb 4 ordered by Col. Weatherford to Flat Rock, Marrowbone. Feb 9 ordered by Col. Weatherford on scout south side Cumberland river. Skirmished severely with Enemy. Feb 22, 23, & 24, met with and captured Richardson & others. [signed] Falconer copyist

=============================================== From: Here's the history of 13KY Cavalry (Company C) that I promised. Again, this information is on NARA microfilm series M397 (roll #123). I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, but all the comments in square brackets are mine. Everything else was printed or written onto the cards. I have added some indentation (which may or may not show up in this mail) to make it easier to read. All of the descriptions are just one long paragraph on the original cards.

Kevin Cundiff


[Company C History: Front of Page 1] C Co., 13 Reg't Kentucky Cav Company Muster Roll for Jany and Feby, 1864 shows the station of the company, Marrowbone, Ky

Record of Events January 5th - Recd orders from Col. Weatherford to march to Columbia, distance 34 miles. arrived there, recd. orders from Gen. Hobson to move to Knoxville. marched to Green River, order countermanded, returned to Columbia. Remained in camp until January 19th ordered on scout by Col. Weatherford to Glasgow, Ky., distance 40 miles. Returned to Columbia on the fourth of February Recd. orders from Col. Weatherford to move to Camp Flat Rock, Cumberland Co., Ky., distance 28 miles on the 8th Recd. orders from Col. Weatherford to scout south side of Cumber- (over)

[Company C History: Back of Page 1] MAY 21 1891 10020104 [information stamped on top of page] land River. Considerable skirmishing ensued without any casualties on our part, capturing several Rebels and returned to Camp on the 18th inst. On the 23d recd. orders from Col. Weatherford to move Camp 7 miles to Camp Pleasant Hill, Cumberland Co. On the 25th recd. orders from Major Sweeney to scout the north side of Cumberland River, capturing several Rebels and returned to Camp on the 28th Feb.

[signed] JW Brown copyist

End of information furnished by Richard Forston.

Paul T. Cave My great grandfather, King L.J. Roy served as a Pvt. in the 13th Ky. Cavalry, Co. "K". He was from Russell County, KY and was mustered in in Dec. 1863 and mustered out Jan. 1865. Paul T. Cave, Campbellsville, KY

Kenneth W. Anderson Company K Regiment 13th KY. Volunteers Infantry Name: Isacc M. Mayfield enrolled: October 1861 mustered in as a Private on December 31st 1862; Camp Hobson, Ky. disabled: June 15, 1862, was at Louisville Hospital, served under Captain Peter S. Rush, discharged a few days before his death, December 13th, 1862, He fought in the battles of Shiloh and Seige of Corinth, Widow: Susan MARTIN Mayfield Relationship: gr, gr,gr, grandfather Kenneth W. Anderson 50 Windfield Cove Jackson, Tn. 38305

Christine "Chris" Penwell From: Add to Address Book My 3x great grandfather was in the 13th Kentucky Calvary Volunteers. He was in Co. "H" under Capt. William Northrip. I also have a copy of his Pension File that I would love to submit to you for anyone that would be interested in his file to examine. He was born in Knox Co. Tennessee and lived in Clinton Co. Kentucky. His name was Eli Brown. Would you be interested in this information? I have retyped the file and put into the best order that I can, according to dates. Please let me know. I would like to get him on this list. Also he contracted T. B. while in the army and died soon after the war from it's effects. I did not see him on the list but I did see his son, Claiborn Brown listed b. 2/24/1833 d. 12/14/1897. Thank you, Christine "Chris" Penwell in Indiana

Darrell D. "Grady" Skaggs Both of my father's grandfathers served in the 13th Kentucky, U.S. Volunteers. They were Archibald Skaggs (spelled "Scaggs" in his army records) and Zachariah Beard. We have copies of Zach's mustering-out papers, signed at Camp Nelson, but they are hard to read due to creases from 100+ years of folding. When I have the opportunity, I will add their dates of birth/death to your site. Best regards- Darrell D. "Grady" Skaggs P.O. Box 2281 Arlington, Virginia 22202-0281

Marlene Creech On your website you listed four men named Baugh. My ancestor was a sister to these men. The Godfrey Baugh, I don't know who he was. I checked the 1850 Pulaski Co. Census and didn't find him listed. #1. Henry Jr. had son Marshall, and Elliott who were killed in Civil War. #2. Henry's brother John, had Ephriam, and John, Jr who were killed in Civil War. There were no fewer than 3 Ephriam Baughs, and two same age, one a few years older. Milam was in 13th Regiment of Ky Cavalry Vol, Company "D" and lived until 1906. Must be another Milam. Achilles 19th KY Inf. 13th Regiment Company "A" also lived until 1914. My Greenup was 18 at the start of the war, and lived to be married in 1867. My only excuse is that I forgot they are all cousins somehow, and even trying to sort out by birth, etc., it is a task. Greenup was not an uncommon name there, and so were these others with the Baugh family. They sure weren't too creative with names.

Sue Cooper I would like to add the following to your list of soldiers who served in the 13th KY Cavalry, Co "G": my ggg uncle, David STEWART, from Simpson Co, KY. Enlisted 23 August 1863, mustered out 10 Jan 1865 Camp Nelson, KY. According to family Bible, he was born 27 July 1831. He was the son of John and Elisabeth Humphrey Stewart. I have not been able to find any more information about David after he was mustered out. He was still living in the h/h of his father in 1860. He was not mentioned in his father's estate settlement in 1871. Would appreciate any other information. I have a photo of him in uniform. Sue Cooper

Kelly, Patrick M NGIC I have two great-greats in the 13th Kentucky, Jonas Bird in Company B and James Bird in Company C. Can anyone provide additional information? Pat Kelly

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