By K.A. Kirkwood
To get to this cemetery from Interstate 80 take exit 280. Make a left, and then take the first left onto Fir Street, go about 2 blocks and cemetery is on the left.

This is the order in which the information is laid out:

Deceased/Birthdate/Deathdate/Father/Mother/Place of Birth/Other

*NOTE: If a person has an * before their name, then I have an obit for them.
If you are interested in a copy of this obit, please email me.

Row 1 Section: American Legion

CARTWRIGHT, Maudette Johansen/01-18-1952/04-05-1997/Elko, NV

FERRIN, Thomas Leroy/02-17-1918/02-21-1991/Utah/U.S. Army WW II

BURKE, Donald Wayne II/04-07-1979/08-03-1997/BURKE, Donald Wayne/BROWN, Diane Marie/Nevada

BURKE, Donald Wayne/06-04-1957/07-10-1983/BURKE, Donald Raymond/ADAMS, Glenda Lee/California

ISOLA, Kathleen M./03-16-1911/02-02-1982/ISOLA, Grover Cleveland/WEBBER, Bessie I./Maine

COLLINS, Flora Adelaide/04-24-1907/01-15-1985/BIRDSALL, Fred Royal/PETERSON, Mary Laverna/Nevada

COLLINS, John A./12-18-1899/11-16-1968/Sandusky, OH/Cpl. Co D 18 MG BN WW II

BIRDSALL, Nellie Mae/01-08-1896/10-12-1974/Willow Springs, MO

BIRDSALL, Fred L., Jr./01-03-1937/05-13-1991/BIRDSALL, Fred L. Sr /BIRDSALL, Nellie Mae/Sp 5 U.S. Army

BIRDSALL, Fred L./01-04-1900/09-23-1964/Lake City, IA/PFC U.S. Army WW I CA

* KLING, Darrell R./08-26-1924/09-01-1941/Winnemucca, NV

Row 2 Section: American Legion

HYATT, Phillip W./10-23-1893/09-03-1951/Rudd, IA/PFC 241 Military Police Co. WW I

HYATT, Eva Rae/06-09-1902/08-18-1953/San Bernardino, CA

KING, Elizabeth Jane/10-29-1877/12-08-1966/San Bernardino, CA

ARTHUR, Lillian Kenyon/09-11-1868/11-30-1952/Virginia City, NV

TORRES, J./1899/04-29-1948

BIANUCCI, Pietro "Pete"/02-22-1895/01-04-1966/Lucca, Italy

BIANUCCI, Amelia Bartolomea/08-12-1901/11-19-1978

BIANUCCI, Bruno/06-17-1900/01-03-1953/Lucca, Italy

GUERENA, Marie Bianucci/12-l9-1910/12-25-1995/LOMMORI, Giovanni /PESETTI, Ester/Nevada

MITCHELL, Clyde William/04-09-1894/04-07-1953

MITCHELL, Mary Bobadilla R./07-04-1908/10-15-1984/Mexico

LOMMORI, John Giovanni/03-07-1874/03-28-1962/Lucca, Italy

LOMMORI, Ester/08-10-1885/12-27-1954/Lucca, Italy

CHILES, James H./07-17-1898/09-29-1966/Clintonville, MO

CHILES, Josephine M./03-03-1904/12-15-1960/San Bernadino, CA

CHILES, Jean F./02-17-1928/04-20-1973/San Diego,CA

FIELDS, Thomas/09-21-1906/01-02-1973/Pvt. U.S. Army WW I

CAMPBELL, Georgia Janiece Manning/12-08-1921/03-25-1972/Carlin, NV

TAYLOR, Dean/10-01-1916/08-01-1956/Weston, ID/Cpl. CAC WW II

TAYLOR, Parley/12-10-1897/08-07-1950/Soda Springs, ID/PFC U.S. Marine Corp Res WW I

ROBINSON, Rose Swenson Taylor/11-10-1894/02-03-1985/SWENSON, Peter/MARTINSEN, Mary/Utah

WILSON, Effie F./1913/12-13-1948

ELSBERRY, Leora Vernice/10-01-1920/01-04-1969/Ogden, UT

ELSBERRY, Eliza Snow/Unknown/04-27-1981

ELSBERRY, John Virgil, Sr./08-01-1901/10-03-1972/Pvt. Co H 33 Inf. WW I

PACE, Ethel/1896/09-22-1949

* PACE, Earl/02-26-1894/02-15-1944/Pvt. 1 CL Med. Dept.

PACE, Mary/10-23-1872/06-01-1947

FITZGERALD, Lloyd Allen, Jr./03-12-1922/05-25-1985/U.S. Navy WW II

FITZGERALD, Lloyd A./10-26-1892/05-25-1973/CPL U.S. Army WW I Utah

FITZGERALD, Leola/03-08-1900/08-07-1975

JOHNSTON, William M./05-02-1889/10-24-1964/Elko, NV/WW I Mus 2 Cl 4 ASE Band CA

JOHNSTON, Alois Josephine Abel/12-16-1895/02-20-1984/ABELE, Alois Stephen/GERMESHAUSEN, Selma/California

HAND, Howard Earl/10-28-1889/12-11-1967/Elsworth, KS/PFC Co. D 353 Infantry WW I

HAND, Clara/02-18-1890/01-25-1994/OESTREICH, Albert/HARN, Agusta /South Dakota

PLUMB, Don C./12-09-1918/05-02-1966/Eden, AZ/WW II, PFC HO Co 53 Signal BN

HEGAN, James/12-07-1903/08-24-1970/Ireland/WW II, Pvt. U.S. Army

PLUMMER, John Ross/06-30-1891/04-30-1981/WW I, U.S. Army

PLUMMER, Julia Elaine/07-24-1903/01-15-1988/HILDEBRAND, Christopher/HAUSER, Susana/Nevada

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