By K.A. Kirkwood
To get to this cemetery from Interstate 80 take exit 280. Make a left, and then take the first left onto Fir Street, go about 2 blocks and cemetery is on the left.

This is the order in which the information is laid out:

Deceased/Birthdate/Deathdate/Father/Mother/Place of Birth/Other

*NOTE: If a person has an * before their name, then I have an obit for them.
If you are interested in a copy of this obit, please email me.

Row 1 Section: Rebekah

HAND, Caryn Sue Unknown/02-10-1979

KRUPP, Elizabeth Ann 01-10-1918/08-07-1994/SANDSTEDT, Emil F./ CARLSTEN,Ruth/Illinois

KRUPP, Victor John 01-14-1902/08-21-1982

O'DOAN, Martha Rose Peterson 09-13-1904/03-14-1991/PETERSON, William Fredrick/CHIARA,Mary/Nevada

O'DOAN, James B. 04-23-1900/02-27-1976

KING, Leone Unknown/Unknown

KING, Joseph A. 05-16-1890/12-06-1969/Austin, NV/Pvt. U.S. Army, W W II Nevada

HUTCHISON, James Unknown/Unknown

TROUPE, Maxine H. 12-28-1912/11-16-1996/Wyoming

HUTCHISON, James Unknown/Unknown

HUTCHISON, Jack Dee 06-27-1958/06-01-1974/HUTCHISON, James/ HUTCHISON, Jean Elko, NV

HUTCHISON, Ruth Toone 07-04-1894/01-26-1992/TOONE, George Benjamin/ROBISON, Nancy/Ellen UT

HUTCHISON, James H., Sr. 04-27-1887/02-06-1961/Ontario, WI

DOXEY, Elizabeth Clark 08-03-1906/08-01-1998/correction was NOT a 2nd Lt in the Air Force

DOXEY, Lorenzo Thomas 10-16-1901/04-25-1987/Utah

DOXEY, Loren T. 01-01-1926/08-09-1972/Nevada/PFC Army/Air Force WW II

CLARK, Annie T. 09-14-1876/01-26-1950/Morgan, UT

* CLARK, James P. 12-20-1875/08-21-1943/Green River, WY

* BERNING, Adolph H. 09-30-1885/08-22-1942/Carson Valley, NV

BERNING, Blanche Marguerite 03-29-1890/07-07-1984/WOODRUFF, William H./DAVIS, Jessie/Nevada

WOODS, Margaret E. 1907/Unknown/WW I U.S. Army

WOODS, Elwyn J. 03-01-1904/07-04-1973/Berthoud, CO

BERNING, Elwin J. 03-01-1904/07-04-1973

O'LAUGHLIN, Edna R. 06-04-1884/10-14-1965

O'LAUGHLIN, Jess A. 11-18-1886/12-04-1951/Sidell, IL

* LOMMORI, Mario A. 12-01-1913/12-17-1945/Carlin, NV

TROUPE, Anna J. 09-25-1885/05-02-1965/Iowa/WO TROUPE, O.C.

* TROUPE, O.C. 04-18-1882/11-26-1946/Dedham, IA/HO TROUPE, Anna J.

JUREY, Lyle Unknown/Unknown

JUREY, Anne T. 1900/07-25-1957

JUREY, H. Lester 09-20-1898/02-10-1956/Galena, NV

BULLOUGH, Genevieve 03-15-1898/06-09-1951/Ogden, UT

PHALAN, Neita Ruth Thurston 11-15-1906/05-03-1996/HILLHOUSE, John/JONES, Betty/Nevada

THURSTON, Dee D. 10-21-1903/10-29-1959/Ogden, UT

THEIL, George 1888/05-03-1947

PHILLIPS, A.B. 04-24-1878/02-16-1943

PHILLIPS, Bridget M. 09-12-1886/09-29-1959/Galena, NV

PERRY, Eva Unknown/Unknown/NETHERY, Russel/WO PERRY, Clark A.

PERRY, Clark Andrew 09-08-1900/01-12-1979/HO PERRY, Eva

YOUNG, Marion 02-I0-1966/02-10-1966/Elko, NV

NETHERY, Susie A. 06-30-1880/06-15-1955/WO NETHERY, Russel/Brady's Bend, PA

* NETHERY, Russel 05-31-1871/08-20-1940/Rarlington, WI/HO NETHERY, Susie A.
(Obit sets DOB at 5-31-1881, DOD at 8/17/1940, he was a judge in Carlin, NV)

NETHERY, Leona Unknown/Unknown

NETHERY, James L. 1899/12-10-1968/NETHERY, Russel/UNKNOWN, Susie A.

* SCOTT, Gertrude G. 1888(05-29-1888)/01-23-1946/LINEBARGER, Unknown/Carlin, NV/WO SCOTT, J.W.

* SCOTT, John W. 1878/01-13-1939/Fort Madison, Iowa/HO SCOTT, Gertrude

SCOTT, Jon E. 1949/1982

SCOTT, Ralph W. 03-02-1913/01-09-1970/Carlin, NV/SCOTT, John W./LINEBARGER, Gertrude G.

Row 2 Section: Rebekah SCOTT, Mae Unknown/Unknown

PEARSON, Guy Jesse 02-26-1929/04-15-1994/PEARSON, Guy Nelson/ MILLER, Nora

PEARSON, Betty Unknown/Unknown

PEARSON, James D. 03-18-1959/07-24-1986/SH 2 U.S. Navy

PEARSON Unknown/Unknown

YOUNG, James Unknown/Unknown/BALL, Anne

YOUNG, Ruth Unknown/Unknown

BOHNE, Edward William 04-22-1903/03-13-1989/BOHNE, Byron A./ DUVAL, Mary S./Nevada

BOHNE, Lucy Tibbs 06-15-1898/10-22-1982/TIBBS, Edwin/OVERTON, Lucy/Virginia

BEX, Shirley Joy 11-10-1931/12-06-1992

ARCHIBALD, Maudie Ethel 06-06-1894/02-26-1989/PHALAN, John Prior/ GREEN, Annie/Nevada

BURT, Milton F. 06-03-1913/11-15-1967/Salt Lake City, UT BURT, Louise Phalan 12-23-1910/Unknown/WO, BURT, Milton F., Married 09-13-1938

COTTOM, Noah 11-01-1891/12-29-1971

COTTOM, Harriet A. 08-05-1891/02-08-1961/Stockton On Tus, England

ARCHIBALD, Clayton 03-16-1882/07-31-1951/Denver, Nova Scotia

PHALAN, Frank Allison 05-18-1908/10-03-1989/PHALAN, Frank/Nevada

PHALAN, Catherine Edna "Honey" 09-08-1907/05-25-1963/Glen Elm, Canada

SIMPKINS, A.B. Unknown/Unknown

SIMPKINS, Ronda Lee Unknown/Unknown

SIMPKINS, Britt Alan 09-13-1958/08-07-1982/SIMPKINS, A. B./ REDDICK, Ronda/Nevada

HURD, Rose Valade 01-04-1895/01-05-1974

HURD, Clarence T. 07-29-1897/08-13-1973/Sgt. WW I U.S. Army

SIMPKINS, Thirl Bradford 01-02-1923/06-22-1986/S1 U.S. Navy WW II

SIMPKINS, Elizabeth Unknown/Unknown

LAMOREAUX, Albert 07-03-1896/11-23-1968/Ogden, UT

ANSON, Charlotte Ball 1957/02-10-1979/BALL, Anne

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