Sijmon Jansen van Arsdalen 1698

Letter provided by J.Ramseyer on Mailing List

Hi Folks,
Here is the translation of the letter that Simon wrote in
1698 to his brother Joost. I can't think of anyway to get
the original on line for you to see!!


to the respectable and very modest Joost Jansen van
Aerdsdalen living in the Egelantierstraat next to "De
Gekroonde Roomolen" (name of a house) in Amsterdam.

Praise the Lord above all, in the bay on September 9th, 1698.
My kindest regards be written to my so much beloved brother
and sister;
I let you know I received your letter from Aendries Wandelaer
and that I understand the contents of it, I am pleased to
say, however, the accident your daughter has met with causes
us sorrow, however, it is the work of God, that we ought to
bear patiently; farther I let you know,
that I, your brother, and my wife and children are in good
health yet thank God for His grace and we hope to learn from
you the same in due time; I wonder you didn't write about our
niece; farther I let you know all my children are married and
each of them is living in a farmhouse that earns their
I sold my farm to my eldest son Cornelis, 33 years of age,
has got five cildren, three sons, two daughters; my son Jan,
22 years of age, has got two sons; my daughter Geertje has
got eight children; Janneken has got five children; Mettegen
has got three children; they are comfortably off but they
have to work which God commanded Adam; as for me, your
brother, I stopped working since I am 71 years old now, my
wife is 58 years of age and you, my brother, are, if I
remember rightly, 60 years of age;
God be pleased to give us a blessed end; I am in receipt of
your son Jan's drawing which pleases me very much; I gather
from your letter your daughter's (size ?) causes you sorrow
and I can well believe it and if I knew you would be pleased
I would come to your assistance; please let me know; I do not
know anything more to write; I will send this letter along
with Pieter Berrij: he is our son Jan's nephew/cousin, who
knows us very well; you can send your reply along with him;
as for Dries Wandelaer: he is not acquainted with us and for
this reason he cannot inform of us; God be with you and be
saluted heartily by me, Sijmon Jansen van Arsdalen, your

1998 LJW

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