George Frederick Ingram appeared in the family story in 1906 when he married Susan LABISH on 7 January in Stockton, CA. Very little is known about him. In the marriage license, he lists his parents as William R. INGRAM and Rachel NORTON, both born in Germany. He states that he is a widower, 33 years old, born in Pennsylvania. He spoke of his daughters from a previous marriage, Ohlie, Ellie and Bessie. A portrait of him in uniform supports his daughter's story of service in either the Spanish-American War or the Phillipine Insurrection. She was not clear on which. Supposedly he served from Kansas. An attempt to locate him in Kansas came up with a George Frederick Ingram, but with different parents. It is known that he worked for the Borax company in Death Valley as a mule driver. His daughter, Mildred, spoke of frequent absences from home for unexplained reasons. Even his death certificate presents a problem. A letter from the City of Pacific Grove, Monterey Co, CA dated 1 July 1975 states that he died of pneumonia on 3 November 1918 at the age of 59 years, 11 months, 29 days which means he was born 3 Dec 1846 (not about 1873 as the marriage license states) He was buried in El Carmelo Cemetery in that city. (Mildred speaks of him coming to the door late one night, collapsing and dying soon after.) We have finally found a death certificate in the records of Monterey Co, California, which confirms the death date. However, it does not answer any questions about his origins.

George Frederick INGRAM 3 Dec 1846 Pennsylvania?-3 Nov 1918 Pacific Grove, Monterey Co, CA
          Photo in Spanish-American war uniform
  m 1)Unknown
  d Ohlie
  d Ellie
  d Bessie
  m 2) Susan Celia LABISH14 May 1886 San Andreas, Calaveras Co, CA-3 Feb 1950 
       Redding, Shasta Co, CA
         Susan and her children
  s George c1906-c1909
  d Oacy Violetta Marie 1907-
    m Eugene L. ALLEN 2) Robert McDONALD
    d Celia m Vance P. GRAHAM
      s John
    s John m Mary Catherine THEOBOLDT
      d Linda m Ken GARRETT
      s David
    d Shirley L. m Harry WALLACE
  d Mildred Florence 27 Nov 1909 Watsonville, Monterey Co, CA-18 Nov 1996 Mountain View, 
         Santa Clara Co,CA
    m Mitchel Joseph MATOVICH 13 Nov 1904 San Francisco, CA-11 Jul 1997 Santa Clarita,
         Los Angeles Co, CA
  s William Richard Robert 1912-
    d Katherine
    d Kasovia
    d Kaylene
    d Karen
    d Khristy
  d Virginia Alice May 1914-1959 m Charles BURGER
    s Sylvester
    d Carol
  s George Frederick 1916-1982 m Margaret ----
    s Frederick m Pat -----
      s Ronald Lloyd m Donna ----
        s Brian
        s Chris
        d Elizabeth
        s Timmy
      s Reginald
      d Georgeann
  s Walter Ray 1918-1973
    m 1) Gladys ----
    d Joy 
      d Evelyn m John RITTAGLIATA
        s Matthew
        s John
        s Donald
      s Walter
      m Art TETTINGER
        d Tekla Helena
        d Helena Maria
        d Maria Theresa
        d Theresa Cecilia
    m 2) Ruth ---
      3) Evelyn TOLLE
      4) Ruth ----
      5) Billie ---
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