Col. Theodore Wilson *Ted* Guy April 23, 1999
Ex-POW Col. Ted Guy passed away from complications of Leukemia. Colonel Guy was an Air Force Veteran of Korea and Vietnam. He was a POW in North Vietnam for 5 years. He was an American Hero; and a champion of the POW/MIA issue. His loss is felt deeply by all.

In our daily existance we have many things that impact our lives. Those things are etched in our minds and never are forgotten. The most impressing memory that I have is that of the Viet Nam War. This war was at a time very confusing to me. Each night the war was on the news yet when I asked about it in school the teacher would very quickly change the subject. All around us were people protesting the war, and those who supported the war. Either way the these people believed, young men all around us were leaving. They were going to A far off country that not many people knew about. These young men were going because they were called upon to do so. I wanted so despertally to show that reguardless of what others believed I supported those brave young men who went over there. I saw an add for a POW/MIA braclet and wanted it. I saved my babysitting money and got a money order and sent away for the braclet. I have worn this braclet for 26 years now and still feel as strongly today as I did then. I would like to introduce you to the man whose name has been A part of my life and in my heart for all those years and will forever be..........


Date of birth November 30th 1941 In Glasgow,Scotland.The listed home city is Oakland,California(Some records indicate Carmel,California).Andrew is in the US Army with a W2 rank.His unit is Troop D,3rd Squadron,4th Cavalry,25th Infantry Division. His status to date is Missing In Action. Date of loss is June 9th 1970. Shot down over South Viet Nam.

The 3rd Squadron,4th Cavalry provided ground reconnaissance for the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam.Troop D was it's air cavalry troop,serving mostly with the divisions 25th Aviation Battalion. In 1970, after having seen combat in the Saigon area during the Tet offensive of 1968, the Division continued it's primary operations around Cu Chi,South Vietnam, and in the spring of 1970 sent elements into Cambodia seeking North Vietnamese Army sanctuaries. Andrew Elliott was a pilot assigned to Troop D, and on June 9th,1970 was assigned a fire support base at Katum South Vietnam. Aboard the OH6A "Loach" with Elliott were Stephen L. Gobry and SP4 Jerry W. McGlothen,passengers. When the aircraft was about half-way between Fire Support Base Santa Barbara and Katum,Elliott radioed that he could not see the road nor Katum. He was instructed by the command and control aircraft to go to Tay Ninh and shut down,that everyone would be called to Koropey as soon as the weather cleared. Elliott acknowledged and said "I'm going to Tay Ninh at this time." This was the last communication with Elliott. After it was determined that Elliott's aircraft was missing, a full scale search effort was initiated and continued for 5 days. On June 24th, the wreckage was found and recovery teams were inserted into the crash site. The bodies of Gobry and McGlothlen were recovered and positively identified. About 50 meters from the crash site,near the body of McGlothen, a helmet and chest protector belonging to Elliott were found. It appeared that the body had been dragged to this position from the crash site. A search team remained on the ground 4 days, but were never able to find any trace of Elliott. He was listed Missing in Action.Whether Elliot survived the crash to be captured was never learned for certain.

In 1973,when 591 Americans were released from POW camps in Vietnam,each time the news reported on this and read the names I would sit and listen until each name had been read. That sinking feeling that I got when his name did not appear on the lists is still with me today.

Since the war ended,nearly 10,000 reports have been received by the U.S. Government relating to missing Americans in Southeast Asia. Most authorities agree that Americans are still alive today,held against their will. Few agree on methods to bring them home.

We cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep pushing this issue.The need to get specific answers is more important now then ever before. If still alive, some MIA's are now in their 70's...They don't have much time left.We have to demand the answers from the bureaucrats and keep pushing until they get the message that THEY work for US and that we are serious about getting these long overdue responses. We can no longer allow questionable protocols established by the pseudo-aristocratic armchair strategists,to determine or influence the fate of the men who were in the trenches while the diplomats were sharing sherry and canapes and talking about "Their Plans" for the future of SE Asia.

To Find The E-Mail Address Of Those Who Need To Be Reminded They Work For US And We Will Never Forget.




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If you are thinking that nothing is being done to help keep this issue alive,Think again. People everywhere are standing up and shouting that this will not be forgotten. Please check out the links below and write to your congressman,your senators and the Whitehouse.We need answers NOW!

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