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Well it's now another year, decade, century, and millenium and I've finally gotten back into this page to change it.

This Page Will Always Be Under Construction.

Just in Case you visit, Glen see I told ya I'd update some.LOL

Second thing is updates. My name is still Robert McClellan. I have the same wife, 1 daughter, and 1 step-daughter. We are proud of our new grandson Grant Allen. Did find out tonight that another grandchild is on the way. The same daughter cus the other one is only 15.

This is Grant now over 3 years of age...Am I getting old or whut ?

We collect all kinds of things; Department 56 Christmas Villages, Lowell Davis figurines, Calico Kittens by Enesco, Cherished Teddies, and more.

Linda is working on the family history and is always adding to our family tree, check out Linda's genealogy page. The Olive family is form a national organization, don't miss the Olive link if this name is familiar.

Candi's Corner is the creation of our daughter. If you like Beanie Baby collecting then you shouldn't miss it.

We, as in wife and I, are working on my 30yr class reunion home page as well. Check it out if ya get real bored. Lumberjacks Class of '70

We will be updating often so --- Ya'll come back now ya here.

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