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Hi, For months now people have been asking me about free Applique' Patterns. I just haven't had time to search them out. But about a week ago I met a very nice lady named Thelma from TX...She is also known as Pattern Mom...Anyway, with her help I have started to put this page together. I hope it has everything you have been looking for..if not check back soon. We are not finished yet. Thanks Thelma !!P.S. If there is a pattern you are looking for and can not find, you are welcome to contact Thelma and ask for help. She will do all she can to help you. I also need to add another thank you to Brenda, yes, my friend in Canada..she strightened me out again. Thanks Brenda, don't know what I would do without you.

3/16//03 Applique' Shapes From: Quilters Cache

4/26/01 Applique' Patterns From: Quiltmaker Magazine

8/27/00 This is a great site for some instructions for reverse applique' and other methods Applique' Basics

4/17/01 Simple, Free Applique' Patterns By Cheryl Kerestes

3/8/01 Now here is a new one for me. It is called Cardboard Turn Applique'. No, I haven't tried it yet but thought you might be interested. It is from Green Mountain Design by Mary Asper

2/16/01 Here are some great flowers from Quilter's Newsletter Magazine Flowers

9/15/00 How about some Chicken patterns from Chicken Designs

9/15/00 A variety of patterns from

9/15/00 Heres one from Fun Stuff Holiday Whig Rose

9/15/00 More Patterns from

8/27/00 This one from Bertha Corbett Sue

6-23-00 Recently I have received several ideas for new places to search for Applique' patterns.. Here are just a couple you might want to try. First is the wall paper store in your area.. I looked and here are just a couple that I found. Apples and Flowers .. And best of all some of these stores give the books away as the wallpaper is discontinued. Also someone sent me this Stained Glass site as a place to look for patterns.. Check this one out Stained Glass Patterns

You will find a virety of Applique' Patterns from:

This one from Web of Angels

Here are some graphics that would make some really cute applique' patterns from Rainbow Connection Graphics

Free Applique' Patterns from Cheryl Kerestes Designs

Here's one you might like Victorian Paper Doll

Another one Oak Leaves and Holly's Stockings

More Leaves

Blocks of the Month by Deborah

Debora Konchinsky Rabbit Drawing

3/9/10 Today I finally got around to fixing the addresses for the Applique blocks from Quilters Cache. They are great. Hope you enjoy them! Sorry it took me so long.

Dresden Plate Block

Grandmother's Fan Block

Sun Bonnet Sue


Angel Wall Hanging

Gingerbread Man

Oak Leaves

Grandmother's Flower Garden

Amish Dahlia

Joan Kimball's Patternz Plus

Suzanne Marshall's Free Bug Patterns

Pickleweed Quilts Applique

Classic Celtic Quilting

Aunt Grace's Tulip Wall Hanging

Here are some tips on methods we found.. Just thought they might be helpful. A great tip I got from Daine on one of my list serv's.... " I checked out some wall paper books, and was amazed at all the applique pattern ideas inside. Every design you could ever want. The pieces are large, and if you had an old book you could cut the wallpaper samples apart and use them for templates. I found the perfect ballerina, and ever kind of leaf, wildlife, curliques, whatever, it's there!"....Thanks Diane !

Cardboard Turn by Mary Asper, Green Mountain Designs

Quilt Creations

Learn how to do Celtic's Applique From Leigh Ann Lukens

Isn't it great that we can turn Kid's Coloring Books into Applique' Patterns...Try this one..

.. Winnie PicturesFrom Winnie's Coloring Book.

More Winnie Patterns From Disney Online.

Just one more Winnie .

From Katie's Kreations Just for Kids Coloring Pages.

More Coloring Book Patterns. This time from Kids Explorers

This time coloring pages from Ivy's Coloring Book

These are some great Dinosauers and Fruits and Vegetables Mann's Coloring Book

Some more animal patterns From Enchanted Learning

These are Coloring pages by Bonnie

If you find some of these link not working..just check back..I am still working on it..Get it done as soon as I can..I promise..Thanks! Alice/quiltbug2a