01/24/03 Hi, Yes, the blocks are still here but I have something new to show you. A couple of months ago a friend of mine, Cindy, got me interested in Sweedish Weaving. Since then I have finished one afghan and started another one. I won't show you the first one but I would like for you to see what I am working on now. I love hand work so this is right up my alley. Oh, yes, I will never give up quilting but this is a great break for in between quilts. Hope you like it...AND Have a great day !

Sweedish Weaving

Here are some great ones to start with.

Piecemakers Free Samples 3/9/01

February Folly A great new pattern from my friend Margo at Future Heirlooms...but get it now, it will be gone in a month

New Blocks From Compquilt *pieced and applique' *

Memory Star Pattern Once again my friend Vicki has come up with a great pattern. I used this for the Memory Star quilt I made for my aunt.

Biscuit Block This is the pattern I used to make the buscuit quilt blocks. I tried my best to write this...so if you don't understand, believe me, I know why.

Aljobritt's Pieced Jar Pattern (bug or otherwise)

Blocks of the Month From Sew Quilty

Blocks of the MonthFrom New Life Creations

Bible Blocks of the MonthNew Life Creations Bible Blocks

Blocks from My Favorite Quilt Designs Just click on the numbers at the bottom. (no patterns but great blocks)

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My Gallery of Original Designs Click on the pictures at the top.

Blocks of the Month by Mary Jobe Mason

Blocks by Laurie

O.K. I am still working on this, so if you find something not working, please let me know. I will be adding more as time goes by. If you have some you would like to share with me, Please drop me a note. Thanks, Alice/quiltbug2a