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Here are some things I did in between the quilts...

  1. "Pineapple Tablecloth" - I used to Crochet, that was before the quilting bug got me.
  2. "Crochet Doily"I have always loved crochet doilies. I guess this is something passed on from my grandmother, who taught me to crochet before I could write my name.
  3. "Crochet Doily" Just another of the many doilies from over the years.
  4. "Pineapple Center Piece" To be honest, I am not sure if I made this one or my mother made it. We have both made several of these and traded back and forth.
  5. "Popcorn Afghan" This one I am sure my mother made for me for Christmas. I just love it.
  6. "Cinnamon Doll" She is made on a Cinnamon broom, and smells wonderful.
  7. "Refrigerator Magnets" See the little dresses in the back?
  8. "Christmas Angel" A pillow doll. I named her that because she was a gift for a friend at Christmas.
  9. "Diaper bag/blanket" They all look like bags until they are unzipped..then they look totaly different. (A blanket).
  10. "Picnic Bag/Tablecloth" (A Table Cloth)
  11. "Kids Car Bag/Streets to drive on"
  12. "Quillow" A pillow and unfolded a small quilt. (One of many)
  13. "Biscuit Chair Pad" Made from the biscuit block pattern on the pattern page.
  14. "Biscuit Chair Pad" For a small chair. Same pattern, just smaller.
  15. "Pillows from Extra Blocks" I always try to make at least 2 pillows to match each quilt.

**NOTE:    The Diaper Bag, Picnic Bag, and Car Bag were made from a pattern I ordered when I saw it on the Kay Wood T.V. show.  They are called "Zip n' Stuff Bags" patterns by: Cambridge Marking Systems. To order the pattern call 1-800-248-KAYE


Yes, I have added a couple of new things to this page and have more to add. I do hope you are enjoying what you are seeing. (Thanks Brenda) Remember I'm not good, just persistent. Oh, and please take just a moment to sign my guestbook. Thanks !!

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