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Laura, Leanne and Ed's Europe Trip

Laura, Leanne and Ed went to Europe to stay with Katie and Tom in a villa in Portugal. On the way they visited London and Paris before flying to Faro. These are pictures of some of our activities.

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Our stay in London included riding the London underground and walking our feet off to see the numerous sights:

Number 10 Downing Street as Tony Blair arrived.

At #10 Downing Street

Finding that Victoria Coach Station is different from Victoria Station.

Victoria Coach Station

Taking time out to talk

Talking--What Else?

And to shop.

Shopping And to shop some more.

Fancy Shopping

Eating fish and chips.

Eating at Garfunkles

And going to an internet site.

E-mail too

We cruised the Thames River and saw many, many sites including the Westminster Cathedral, Tower of London and Windsor Castle.Westminster Cathedral Tower of London Windsor Castle

Euro Star Through The Chunnel:

We crossed under the English Channel going by train from London to Paris, enjoying a view of the English and French countrysides.Euro Star Train Ride

In Paris we again rode the Metro, walked, rode buses and cruised the Seine River:

The Arc de Triumph.Arc de Triumph and Louve Louve

Where we saw the Mona Lisa.Mona Lisa

On to the Notre Dame Cathedral.Notre Dame Cathedral

And lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe.Hard Rock Cafe in Paris

Our flight to Faro, Portugal was on TAP Portugal which had outstanding service.

There we met Tom and Katie. Perfect sunny weather, beautiful accomodations and gracious hosts made the stay memorable. On the beach at the Villa de Lobo.On the beach of Portugal

In Sintra, near Lisbon, at the Palacio da Pena.Near Lisbon

In Sagres which in the 15th century was 'at the end of the earth'.End of the Earth?

At a Portugal bull fight.Bull Fight

And for a while we weren't sure just where we were. Where are we?

We had a great time. Good bye for now.

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