Red words are complete. They are the Alaskan (Ninilchik) Dialect. You will find explanations of words pertaining to Ninilchik life style such as the steambath and smokehouse.

Important note:

Many Ninilchik words are modified in form compared to the mainstream Russian counterparts. But most of these changes are regular, such as "v" is replaced by "w", and most consonants become soft (palatalized) in front of "i". When only such changes occur, we do not mark the word as "modified form". The marking "modified form" appears only when there is some unpredictable change in the form of the word, such as "waltár", or "p'ir'ibán'ik".



Agráda…fence. Russian

Aknó…(singular)…akn'í..(plural)…window. Russian

Ban'a….Steam bath house. A small low ceiling building. It consists of two rooms. The first room is a dressing room (P'ir'ibán'ik….Steambath vestibule). When Sandra Kelly Wells was young the floor was covered with hay. The second room is the bathing room. In the bathing room is a heating system and rocks surrounding the heat source. Water is poured on the rocks to create steam. Still in use by many today.

Barábara…sod house, barabara. This word comes from Chukchi or Koryak (Kamchatka).

Dom…house (Example… sabáchi dom 'doghouse'.) Russian

Dwér'i…door. Russian

Fábr'ika…factory. Russian

kal'idór…….Arctic entrance. Commonly the back porch or any porch off of the kitchen. Source: Russian dialect.…….Arctic entrance. Commonly the back porch or any porch off of the kitchen. Russian dialect.

Kr'il'tsó…porch. Russian

Kur'átn'ik….chicken coop or house. Source: Russian

Kúhn'a…kitchen. Russian

Kúpol…(variant kúmpal)… plural kúmpala…cupola. Russian?

Láfka…store. 19th Century Russian.

Núzhn'ik….(variant n'úzhn'ik) Outhouse. It comes from the word nuzhda meaning 'necessity'. Possible that many Russian dialects would have this as a nuetral word. Source: Russian.

Palátka…tent. Russian

Parók… threshold, doorsill or piece of timber placed under the door. Russian

Patalók…ceiling. Russian

Pawárn'a…(variant puwárn'a).. Smokehouse. Source 19mm Russian. (Example: m'i kapt'ím balík f pawárn'i - 'we smoke balyk in the smokehouse'.) A narrow tall wooden structure with air vents at the top (generally made of burlap bags). A large door on the front of the building. Removable pole rods for hanging fish. Sod floor with a shallow fire pit. Source 19-century mainstream Russian with modified meaning. Example: m·i kapt'ím balík f pawárn'i.

P'ir'ibán'ik….Steambath vestibule. Entry room of the steambath used for dressing and undressing. Source: Russian modified form

Pol..(variant.. pol')…floor. Example: na pól'u `on the floor`. Russian

póbr'ik……Plural form póbr'iki..... root cellar. A structure built into the side of a hill or down into the ground. Approximately five still in the hill side of Ninilchik (2 of which are still partly visable). A wooden door and pole or wooden supports inside. The cellars were sometimes dug into the ground and under the back porch. A natural temperature controlled food storage area. Still in use in parts of Russia today. Source: Russian mainstream with modified form.

Saráy…shed. Russian.

Shkóla…school. Russian

Skót'n'ik…Barn. Example: lashad'ín'iy skót'n'ik; karów'inay skót'n'ik. Russian Dialect.

St'iná…wall. Russian

Stol…Stable. Example: lashad'in'iy stol. Main stream Russian meaning modified. (Stol is more commonly the word for `table`)

Stupén'k'i..(variant stupénk'I)…steps, stairs. Russian.

Trubá…stovepipe, chimney. Russian.

Tsérkof..(variant.. sérkof)…church. Russian

Ubórnay…Bathroom. Source: Russian

Waltár…Altar. Russian modified form

W'íshka…Second floor, upstairs. Russian dialect?

Úgal…(Plural.. ugal'í)…corner. Russian



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