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In Alaska everyone loves Christmas. Anchorage is known as the City of Lights and has months of white lights brightening up the city. The holiday season begins with the Mayor's Ball in October and if one is lucky they will see the Mayor, wearing a top hat riding in a horse drawn sleigh, on his way to the festivities. Kenai begins the season on Thanksgiving with the traditional lighting of the Christmas tree, a bonfire, caroling and fireworks display. The season continues until after Russian New Years in January.

Tyshee invites you to sit under her Mistletoe

A fun gift to make for children is the following play dough recipe. They love the brilliant colors I use a Kitchen Aid mixer to avoid kneading. I Have also invited my older grandchildren to help create this gift. It is great for impaired people to play with also as it increases hand co-ordination. Purchase brilliant food colors from Wilton's or any store that carries cake decorating supplies. (purchase the brilliant colors such as Christmas Red and so forth or the dough will be drab) I buy Rubbermaid containers as the dough needs to be stored in air tight containers and include some cookie cutters (open type) along with the recipe in the gift or tie them to the package. Alum is purchased at your local pharmacy.

Play Dough

Mix together in a bowl:

1 TBS. Alum

1 cup flour

1/2 cup salt

Mix together:

3/4 cup boiling water

1 TBS. vegetable oil

Food coloring of your choice

(You can add extracts if you wish to make them scented by eliminating the amount of water you use in exchange)

Add to dry ingredients and knead for 15 minutes by hand or with commercial type mixer. Keep in a tightly sealed container when not in use.

Cook with Tyshee and Santa in Santa's Kitchen

Cook with Tyshee and Mrs. Santa in The Land of Cranberry

Cook with Tyshee and Grandma in Babushka's Kitchen

Religious Based Story The

Prettiest Tree Ever

Bake Some Christmas Delights

For Your Dog

Decorate on a budget using things you already have or can get for free.

Fun Things To DO

Hungarian Cookies

June has an outstanding collection of Hungarian recipes. She has Austrian and Hungarian Cookies to add to your holiday collection. Definitely worth a visit. She asks only that you write and tell her what you think of her recipes after you try them. She has won several outstanding rewards for her recipe collection.

Feast Here

 A Dining Delight

 This is a delightful site for those who love to cook. Epicurious features recipes from top magazines. I did a cookie search and found 108 cookie recipes. They have 6,000 recipes from around the world.

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