Tyshee's Dacha wishes you a
Happy Halloween

Something happened and now Tyshee's
Dacha is haunted with:
Spooks and Scarey Links! Please
remember that all animated pages
take a while to load. Be patient and
you will have an enjoyable journey.

Remember to click on your back buttonso you won't get lost tonight in cyber space!

don't you ever enter this door!NO NO NO

And Please Please don't ever
go near the Graveyard


The youngest brave and daring
 little spooks can
enter my
haunted househere but
Watch out for eerie creatures!

Now On to visit the Pumpkin
Patch with the scariest path in the
cyber world. Tread carefully in here!


You better not go in here!
I said stay out!

Don't click on Me!
don't touch my hand!

Stay Outta here also.....don't

touch the   

Follow the footseps to the best
of the Halloween on the Net.
Click on the steps please.

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