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        You're right that's not a Louse! (But because of the hassle lice cause I thought you needed a bit of humor before we get into the nitty gritty of things!)

         You should find all the lice information and links you need on these pages. If you find more and better information please feel free to email me and I will update these pages. You will also find a bit of humor and don't be offended if it seems like the only natural way to kill these critters is to hire a professional. (Aren't these the lousiest pages you have ever visited?) Be sure and continue scrolling to the bottom of the page for more lousey humor, nitty links to photos and information.

        Are you itching yet…See the photos below. It gets worse.

        In Ninilchik head lice was a bad word. Someone with lice was thought to be dirty. Every day when my mother came from school her grandmother would slowly and carefully sift through the children's hair. If there were the slightest a white speck might be a nit the entire household would have their heads doused with kerosene. While heads burned and itched from this harsh treatment the head lice situation was always under control. Each piece of affected laundry was scrubbed on a washboard, twisted,wrung by hand and hung on the line to dry. Now we have simpler ways of doing laundry and treating lice but the problem still exists.

        Today there is a world wide epidemic of head lice. I received mail from as far away as Australia speaking of the news warning everyone of the expected epidemic of lice. My little town of Kenai is so badly affected the stores are completely sold out of spray and shampoos for killing lice. The new strain of lice appears to be immune to the prescription shampoo. Nurses and Doctors are recommending mayonnaise or Vaseline (almost impossible to remove from hair so no wonder they die) treatments. My daughter in Washington relates, her doctor and the school nurse recommended wearing Vaseline with a plastic shower cap on the head for at least twenty-four hours. The physician also said to place pillows in the dryer for twenty minutes daily for two weeks. All stuffed animals and other furry things should be sealed or tied in plastic bags for two weeks. Floors and carpets need to be sprayed and possibly a good steam cleaning wouldn't hurt either. Your dog may transport the lice to another person in the home (this is not known for sure) but certainly he does not have them. Dogs do not get head lice. I recommend buying zippered plastic pillow and mattress covers as lice cannot live on plastic. Your sheets need to be washed daily for two weeks and the bedding should at least be in the dryer for twenty minutes daily. Jackets and other clothing need to be washed. Use hot water and hot dryer. Lice do not like heat. Another person recommended rinsing your hair with vinegar daily to prevent lice (it will make your hair shine and bring out highlights. This is an old Ninilchik hair beautifier) and using vinegar before treating to assist the medicated shampoo. Read the following pages for information;then follow the links if you are still interested and have a strong stomach. We have searched the web to present as much imformation as possible. These pages were a joint collaboration of Foxylady and Tyshee. If you find yourself itching or gagging please don't email us. We have our own problems. We're just two grandma's trying to help out. All you really gotta do is shut off your computer.


Infestations can be prevented Avoid physical contact with a person who has lice Do not share combs, brushes, hats, scarves, ribbons, or other personal items. Household members and close contacts of a person with head lice should be examined and treated if they are infested Exclude children with head lice from school or day care until the morning after treatment Page 2 on Head Lice Includes an Applet for your Viewing Pleasure
Symptoms and treatment


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Head Lice Org. for complete information on head lice, scabies and other things. The best I found on the web. Information on treating difficult cases. Read the FAQ files.

Biology and Control of Human Lice

        I put this page together with a little laughter because my daughters are frustrated, and so am I, with head lice. My mother picked them up at the hospital during a ten-day stay, granddaughter in another state got them at a day care center and grandson in a different state got them at school. They are highly contagious and a communicable disease. Unclean houses and bodies are not the cause.Lice prefer clean heads. Treating lice is expensive. I recommend following all of the precautionary measures you found in the above information. Teach yourself and children how to avoid contact with items that may contain lice. In the hospital situation, my mother was sent to other places for x-rays, she could have contacted them anyplace. She is an elderly handicapped lady and no one would ever suspect she would become infested.(Kids give them to Mothers not Mothers to Kids, true?) No child or anyone else had them when she came down with lice. After a month of battling the lice (we used a lot of mayonnaise and finally I used vaseline on her head because the doctor said lice cannot live in grease..they sufficate) and constant laundry, we finally tied all her belongings in plastic bags. Getting nits out of very fine silver hair is very difficult. We cut her hair short and got a clean bill of health from her doctor. She is now wearing Vaseline in her hair as a precautionary measure. Her pillow and mattress are zipped up in plastic covers. As with any epidemic it could be you. I got paranoid and imagined all sorts of things. Every little itch became lice to me. Remember the Kerosene treatment of long ago, I washed my hair with laquer thinner. Do not do this. I got dizzy with my head over the sink, I thought I was going to pass out. I had to go outside in the freezing weather, with wet hair, so I could breathe. My one daughter was so paranoid she shaved her entire body except her head which she Vaselined and covered with plastic. Lice do strange things to your imagination. There is a new strain of lice which is immune to the medical treatments. You can use the shampoo and still watch them walk around. This is why we had such a difficult time removing them from my mother's head. Your doctor should have information on this. My daughter's doctor said Vaseline for two weeks. My doctor said use Vaseline or shortening on my mother. One thing my daughter found out is Clearisol Foaming Gel will remove Vaseline from your hair easily. Her kids wore Vaseline to school. Paranoia at its worst. Chin up and get on with the laundry and nit picking cuz eventually they will go away. There is no shame in this problem and it can't be completely avoided. We hope these pages helped in some way with your problem.

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