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Music by Harry Todd

Nobody Not Even Me

Without history lifeís a wound with no suture

An existence full of pain,

The person who knows not from where he came

Without History no present, no past, no future

Ever full of sorrow,

Loneliness, sadness and partially wracked with shame

Never knowing where he belongs and who are his kin

Take heed; let's give our children their pride

Tell them of things that you love, share with a grin

Call them close to relax by your side

Whisper little stories as best that you know

Just give yourself one small tiny shove

Itís only antiquity you are trying to rescue

Use expression, talk of things that you love

Share memories however simple or how few

For without a preceding we lose our esteem

Be proud and describe stories of the past

Relate things that make their eyes gleam

Give them an oral edification that will last

The era gone by paved the road of today

Never hide it in the recess of your mind

These legacies will help mold the way

Our children are the future of our kind

Give them all the foundations they deserve

Itís a lost world, for without you children cannot see

Commemorate, itís their heritage you preserve

Remember without History Iím nobody, not even me!

Bobbie Oskolkoff

Copyright 1996