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Tyshee's Dacha Wishes You a Warm and Cozy Holiday!

These pages contain: links to my Cranberry Recipes and others recipes, links to games for children, facts and other Thanksgiving related things. Now join me for some chai and pumpkin pie while we plan our Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Karaoke, with music and words fun for the whole family


Following is a song traditionally performed by American school children during the Thanksgiving Holiday in November and often known as "Over the River" or "To Grandmother's House." Music is playing on this page.



A Boy's Thanksgiving Day


Over the river, and through the wood,

to Grandfather's house we go;

the horse knows the way to carry the sleigh

through the white and drifted snow.

Over the river, and through the wood,

to Grandfather's house away!

We would not stop for doll or top,

for 'tis Thanksgiving Day.

Over the river, and through the wood-

when Grandmother sees us come,

She will say, "o, dear, the children are here,

bring a pie for every one."

Over the river, and through the wood-

now Grandmothers cap I spy!

Hurrah for the fun! Is the pudding done?

Hurrah for the pumpkin pie!

 This song originally appeared as a poem written by Lydia Maria Child. The poem appeared in: Flowers for Children, Vol. 2, in 1844



Thanksgiving Links

 For Children


Billy Bears Thanksgiving with pages to color, games, mazes, books to read, create stationary and more gifs like the ones I used on this page (don't use them without giving credit to Billy Bear's Pages) and much more for Children


Download "Spin the Turkey" Game

Thanksgiving Mazes and Games for Kids

 Free Software Download Thanksgiving Jigsaw Puzzles


 Cranberry Facts

 My family prefers wild cranberries better known as Lingonberries. They grow wild in Alaska and the Scandinavian Countries. They are smaller than a cranberry and much tastier. You can purchase these in stores specializing in imported foods but they tend to be already full of sugar and very expensive. We cook them as you would a regular cranberry, cook them with apples and cinnamon, or they can be layered in a jar with sugar and refrigerated. They are delicious and will keep indefinitely. In My grandmother's time they were stored in a barrel with water. Cranberry Liqueur is very flavorful made with Alaskan Berries. The same flavor cannot be captured with the normal cranberry. For your Holiday Pleasure I have created a:

My Little Cranberry Cookbook

featuring breads, cake, cookies, Jello salad, liqueur, punch, pie, bars and hot cider.



 Cranberry Recipes yes a whole page of cranberries!


Thanksgiving Facts

 Wampanoag Indian Tribe the original founder's of Thanksgiving History and Culture (Plymouth)

Did the Pilgrims really eat turkey? Find out. This and other interesting facts a

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If you find more good Thanksgiving links on the net please let me know so I can post them here!

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