*** Ships' Palatine Passenger Lists: [1727-1775] ***


The following text and dates and ship names are from the book Pennsylvania German Pioneers by Ralph B. Strassburger and William J. Hinke, published in 1934 by the Pennsylvania German Society, Norristown, PA.




Aug. 29, 1730. Colin Dunlap, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes.

Valentin GrisemerHans Menigh
Johannes DunckelNichol Fiser
Christof BatterJohan Zwinger
Christian LemanJocob Nagel
Jeremias HesUlrich Scherer
Joh. Georg Ludwig HassPhilip Groscost
Bernhart SiegmundCasper Bittner
Hans Jacob DohlNickel Cunter
Johan Peter OhllerJohannes Scherer
Johan Henrich SchmidtJohannes Haus
Caspar FiehmanPhilip Hautz
Steven RemerLorentz Hoff
Rudolph DraughThomas Hamma
Johannes KunJacob Stiffel
William KeimWolfer Sperger
Ludwick Delman
[see note A]Ulrich Steyner
Gerhart ZinnThomas Hes
Henrich HesFrederick Peifer
Hendrich GuttJohannes Kepplinger
Caspar KriegerFelte Meidelman
Christoph AnckenbrantDietrich Beidelman
Jean Henri FortineauxElias Meidelman
Frederich ReimerJacob Ammon
Peter BeswangerJohan Nickel Lukenbell
Johan Caspar SchmidtHans Simon Mey
Johan Paulus DuttenhofferHenrich Lukebill
Johan Augustus ScherrerLudwig Mohler-
Hans Georg HofmanThis page discusses
Abraham Transuthe Ludwig Mohler family
Casper HartmanLonhart Hochgenug
Peter Muller *Peter Federolff
see NOTESBernhard Renn
Christian ShramFriederich Lienberger
Leonhart KopplingerPeter Frawiener
Rudlop Andreas

Dieterich Kober Michael Cover at MichaelC@twbg.com is a descendant of Dieterich and adds the name of this missing passenger. Michael has full documentation to prove Dieterich's place on this voyage and welcomes other descendants' letters.

Note A:
The author received this note from a visitor to The Olive Tree:
On your passenger list for the "Thistle of Glasgow", I believe the name you have as Ludwick Delman should be Ludwick (Loudwick) Ditman. "Pennsylvania German Pioneers" lists him as a passenger on this ship, landing Aug 1730, and one of his descendants, Annie Blair Titman Cummins, wrote a book about him which refers to him being on this ship ("Genealogical and Historical Records of the Pioneer Lodewick Titman Family of Warren Co., NJ").


[List 12 A] Ship Alexander and Anne, William Clymer, Master. September 5, 1730

NB. The qualifications of the Palatines imported in the ship Alexander & Anne, William Clymer, Master, are on a Paper apart, I being at N. York with our Governor when that vessel arrived. R. Charles.

Antony MillerAdam Fillipott
Daniel CristmanHans Lensenns
Johan Frederick LansenessBernhard Myler
Johannes HerlerHans Michel Burger
Johan Adam AtlerJacob Myler
Martin MullerMartin Burger
Johan Peter WullerHans Jacob Oberholts
Frans PlumJohan Fredrick Waller
Jacob MillerHenrick Marte
Martin CreinerGeorge Michl. Brinsins
Waldes LanghaerJohan Philip Curnert
Martin YongerLeopold Hilligas
Michael BlesserHenrick Clemer
Peter TilmanJohannes Cleyner
Adam ShulerMathias Seltzer
Johannes VitnerHans Jerich Ham
David SussoltzJohan Nicol Brecher
Michael HarkmanJohanes Woldman
Rudolph Mastersundts Christian Princeland
Conrad YongmanJohan Sebastian Graft
Fredrick MeyerHans Michael Verdus
Charles KallarHans Bartel Hemberger
Hans Ulrich CrinstonJohan Carl Hornberger

"At the Courthouse of Philadelphia, September 5th, 1730.... A list was presented of the Names of Forty six Palatines, who with their families, making in all about one hundred and thirty persons, were imported here in the Ship Alexander & Ann, William Clymer, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Deal." From the Minutes of the Provincial Council, printed in the Colonial Records, Vol. III, p. 386.

[List 12 B] [Palatines imported in the Ship Alexander & Anne, William Clymer, Master, from Rotterdam, but last from Deal. Qualified September 5, 1730]

Anthony MillerMarthin Müller
Daniel (X) ChristmanJohan Peter Walber
Adam (O) HillipottFrantz Blum
Hantz LansiscusJacob Müller
Johan Henrich LansiscusMartin (M) Creiner
Johans HerbelBaltes Lanckhaer
Johann Adam StadlerMartin Jerger
Michel Belsch[er]Johan Henrich Weber
Peter (O) EdelmannHenerich (H) Marte
Adam SchulerJerg Michel Brenneisen
Johannes WidnerJohann Philipp Emmert
David SüsholtzLeopold Hilligas
Michel AckermannHenerich (HK) Clemer
Rudolff MesserschmidtJohan Andres Klemmer
Conrad StammMattheus Seltzer
Friedrich MeyerHans Gerg Ham [?]
Carl KellerJohann Michael Beyerle
Hans Veltin BrenneisenJohannes Volckmann
Eberhardt MeyerChristof Steinlein
Hans Michel BürgerJohann Sebastian Graff
Jacob MeyerHans Michel (X) Wiedner
Martin BucherHans Bardel Horrnberger
Hans Jacob (H) OverholtzJohn Carl Hornberger

[List 12 C] We do swear or solemnly declare, that we deny all obedience to the Pope of Rome; and further swear or solemnly declare that no Prince or Person whatsoever hath any Right or Title to the Crown of Great Britain but his Majesty George the Second and his lawful Issue.

Anthony MillerDavid Süssholtz
Daniel (X) ChristmanMeichel Ackermann
Adam (O) HilpottRudolff Messerschmidt
Hantz LansiscusConrad Stamm
Johan Henrich LansiscusFriedrich Meyer
Johans HerbelCarl Keller
Johan Adam StadlerHans Veltin Brenneisen
Martin MüllerEberhardt Meyer
Johan Peter WalberHans Michel Bürger
Frantz BlumJacob Meyer
Jacob MüllerMartin Bucher
Martin (M) CreinerHans Jacob (H) Overholtz
Balser LankhaerJohan Henrich Weber
Martin JargerHennrich (H) Marte
Michel BelscherJerg Michel Brenneisen
Piter (O) EdelmanJohann Philipp Emmert
Adam SchulerLeopold Hilligas
Johannes WidnerHeinrich (HK) Clemer
Johannes Andres KlemmerChristoff Steinlein [?]
Mattheus SeltzerJohann Sebastian Graff
Hans Geor. Ham [?]Hans Michel (X) Widner
Johann Michael BeyerleHans Bardel Hornberger
Johannes VolckmannJohan Carl Hornberger

September 5, 1730. The Persons whose names are above written took & subscribed the Qualification by Law directed before His Majestys Justices of the Peace for the City & County of Philadelphia.

(List A): The Captain's List
(List B): The signers of the Oath of Allegiance to England
(List C): The signers of the Oath of Abjuration

JOYCE 30 NOV 1730

List of foreigners imported in the ship Joyce, William Ford, Master, from Rotterdam Qualified Nov 30, 1730.

BAER, Hans JacobBAER, John
BARTH, ZachariasCUNTZ, Johannes
FISCHER, Johan MichaelHALE, Egram
HEINTZ, Johan LudwigHOFF, Johann Adam
HOFFMANN, AndreasKILIAN, Henrich
KOLB, LeonhartMAYER, Hans Ulrich
MILLER, ChristianNITZEN, Marck
OBERBACK, JohannesPFUDERE, Leonhardt
SWORT, DanielSWORT, Nicolas

(The original list is herewith given)

APLIN, Elizabeth26
BARBRA, Maria21
BEAR, Anna Maria43
BEAR, Hans Jacob17
BEAR, Hendrick6
BEAR, John40
BEAR, Maria Barbra16
COAL, Anna33
COALE, Leonard32
COONES, Johannes24
ELVERSITE, Margret23
FISHER, Hans Michell30
FODRY, Leonard22
HALE, Egram24
HALE, Sophia30
HOAF, John27
HOFMAN, Andrew22
HOLSTON, Margret22
KILON, Henry30
MILLER, Andrew13
MILLER, Anlis18
MILLER, Anna Barbra11
MILLER, Anna Margaret50
MILLER, Christian60
MINGER, Mark24
MOYAL, Barbra37
MOYAL, Hans Jerick27
MOYAL, Lareunce12
MOYAL, Matthew13
PARK, Leck15
SHERNOCK, Kathrine4
SHEVER, Anna Margret26
SHEVER, Anna Maria45
SHEVER, Barbara15
SHEVER, Hans Leonard12
SHEVER, Henry24
SHEVER, Maudlin10
SHEVER, Mickell50
SKOALL, Godfrey24
SWORT, Beves1
SWORT, Christian11
SWORT, Daniel31
SWORT, Hans7
SWORT, Jacob8
SWORT, Jacob10
SWORT, Nicholas38
TOM, Anna Barbra34
TOM, Christiana2
TOM, Joseph35
WHICKEL, Lodwick27
WHICKEL, Margret1
WHICKEL, Margret26

NOTE: ** Allexander Mack - For the history of Alexander Mack and his colony of German Baptist Brethren or Dunkers, see G.N. Falkenstein, The German Baptist Brethren or Dunkers.
(Proceedings of Pennsylvania German Society, Vol. X), pp. 58-76.
(List A): The Captain's List
(List B): The signers of the Oath of Allegiance to England
(List C): The signers of the Oath of Abjuration

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