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"Dedicated to the Rizzi families of the Val di Non, Trentino, Italy"
Through the years, stories have been passed down through generations of Trentini about a distant, magical place known as the Val di Non. The sub-alpine valley, located in the South Tyrol of Northern Italy, is surrounded by tall mountain peaks, crystal clear lakes and a lush cushion of mixed alpine forest. It is a place that echoes the names of many who lived there throughout the ages. Among those names is Rizzi, a family that has its roots in and around Cloz, a small village located midway between Fondo and Revo in the Val di Non. While many Rizzis still live in the area, many more have immigrated throughout the world.
This site has been designed as a meeting place for friends, both old and new; a place for all people who share an interest in the Val di Non, its people and its beauty. It is also a place for the world-wide Rizzi family to get in touch with each other. We invite you to share your information, stories and family searches with friends, family and visitors. If you live in the Val di Non or have been a visitor to the area, please share your experiences with us here. Be sure to sign our guestbook and view the entries to help stay in touch with your new friends.
From time to time, we will be updating this site with new pictures and more information. Come back often and watch for these additions.  
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Background: St. Stefano Church in the village of Cloz, Trento, Italy.
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